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Moclinejo and its vineyards

Moclinejo, a white village in Axarquía… full of colour…

Moclinejo con vista al mar
View of Moclinejo and the sea

In this article you will find the essential information to visit Moclinejo :

  • A few words about Moclinejo and its origins
  • Moclinejo: vines, wine and ceramics
  • Visiting Moclinejo: what to see?
  • What to do in Moclinejo
    • Activities
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    • fiestas
  • Where is Moclinejo?
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  • Experiences to discover in the province of Málaga

Moclinejo ceramicas
Ceramic wall in Moclinejo

A few words about Moclinejo

Moclinejo is located in Axarquia in the province of Malaga. This white village has preserved all its authenticity.

It is a real delight to walk through its colourful streets.

Moclinejo, vineyards and wine

Moclinejo and the Ruta de la Pasa (the Raisin Route)

The village is part of the Ruta de la Pasa (sultana route) with 5 other beautiful white villages: Comares, Cutar, El Borge, Totalan and Moclinejo.

Wine production in Moclinejo

Moclinejo viñedos en Axarquia
Moclinejo viñeros

Moclinejo is a village that mainly grows Muscatel wine. It produces wine and also the famous raisin (DO pasa de Málaga) like the other villages of the Ruta de la Pasa.

This grape variety is precisely the Muscatel of Alexandria. It has been cultivated in these lands for thousands of years. It was imported from Egypt by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago.

It has always been cultivated on the surrounding mountains, with the only tools being the human hand and the help of the mullets for the harvest. The terrain prevents the use of mechanical equipment.

Moclinejo viñeros moscatel en Axarquia
Moclinejo viñeros moscatel

Part of the harvested grapes will be used to produce DO Malaga wine. This wine can be Dulce or Seco, depending on whether the grapes have been dried (15 days) in the sun on the paseros.


This local culture is one of only 50 sites in the world registered by the UN, through the FAO, as SIPAM (System of Ingenious World Agricultural Heritage).

Moclinejo and ceramics

As in many of the villages of La Axarquía, it is possible to find very good ceramic craftsmen.

In the village, in the Plaza de España, next to the town hall, there is Eva Vazquez, who makes some wonderful pieces, so don’t hesitate to enter her workshop!

moclinejo artesania ceramica eva vazquez

Visiting Moclinejo: what to see?

Walking through the narrow streets of Moclinejo is an enchantment. After the walk, the best thing to do is to stop for a drink in the village square.

moclinejo things to see street art
street art in Moclinejo

During the walk, you will be able to see many works of arte callejero.

Some of which even offer a beautiful and curious relief:

The Moclinejo Wine Museum

moclinejo museo del vino la fachada
on the façade of the museum

This museum is worth a visit. It is located in the century-old bodega of Antonio Muñoz Cabrera – Dimobe -. You can learn about the history of wine production and see many tools from the past.

If I may make a recommendation, you must try the wines of Viñedos Verticales, a bodega owned by Dimobe, and in particular a white wine: Lulitas y filitas. A little wonder!

moclinejo que ver museo del vino
…always on the front of the museum!

However, it should be noted that in Moclinejo, as in Sedella, the cultivation of a grape variety endemic to Axarquia has been revived: Romé (to be discovered!).

The village church

moclinejo things to see the Church

This church is in the Mudejar style as in many of the surrounding villages.

Find El Ratón Pérez

It has become customary in many villages to find a small house of the ratoncito Pérez.

He was originally a character in a story written by the Jesuit Luis Coloma, at the request of the Queen Regent Maria Cristina, for her son, the future King Alfonso XIII. This story was written when the latter lost a tooth, to console him. In England, this story is known as the the tooth fairy.

A final word on Alfonso XIII, affectionately known as Buby I by his mother: this king came to Axarquia several times.

It was he who gave the name of Balcony of Europe to the famous square of Nerja, and who had lunch in the famous venta of Alfarnate.

Finally, the most famous path in the province of Málaga, the Caminito del Rey, is the name given in his honour after his passage through this incredible place.

Walking in the centre of Moclinejo

moclinejo cosas que ver por las calles

The ” ornaments ” of the streets are beautiful,


There are many places decorated with ceramics and mosaics.

moclinejo ceramica

It is not surprising, however, as in the photo below, to see very large flower pots to avoid “theft”. Indeed, there is a very special custom in Moclinejo with flower pots.

Moclinejo calle 2

This village is known for a curious tradition that is repeated every year on Easter Sunday.

On that night, the young people of the village dedicate themselves to “stealing” pots of flowers and plants from the villagers and placing them in the central square of the village. The Plaza de España is transformed into a spectacular flower scene for one night.

The colours in the village are absolutely everywhere!

Moclinejo calle en Axarquia

You can enjoy several beautiful views of the sea.

Moclinejo vista mar
vista al mar

And, in Moclinejo, the country woman is honoured

through a work of street art

moclinejo homenaje mujer arte callejero

and a wooden sculpture.

moclinejo estatua homenaje a la mujer rural

What to see next to Moclinejo?

A few kilometres from Moclinejo, there is the Axarquia Museum. It is a small wonder to see and visit. This museum, which houses works by local artists, was built by the man who is known as the Gaudi of Axarquia.


Here is the link to find out more about the Axarquia House Museum.

What to do in Moclinejo?


In the surroundings it is possible to find very nice activities:

Use the following link to access all the activities to do. during your holidays. This link provides you with all the details of each activity.

Guided tours

A very good local guide, Cipriano, offers thematic and seasonal guided tours of Moclinejo and the surrounding area.

local guide andalucia

La Ruta de la Pasa

Cipriano organises the visit of the Ruta de la Pasa from Nerja, Torrox and Torre del Mar. This visit is only possible 2 months of the year, in September and October.

ruta de la pasa axarquia raisin muscat tour

For this reason it is advisable to book well in advance, especially as places are limited. You can find details in the following link:

See and book : The Raisin Route Tour.

The guided tours are always done in small groups (2 to 8 people max.) to discover the authentic Axarquia.

In the following link you will find all the details and prices of the tours he offers throughout the year (olive oil route, wine route, white villages route,…) :

Here you can find all the guided tours in Axarquia from Torrox, Nerja and Torre del Mar.

The fiestas

Below you will find links to the main fiestas and fairs in Moclinejo:


  • Fiesta de los Viñeros, 1st Sunday in September
  • Semana Santa, late March and early April
  • San Marcos, 25th April
  • Feria del Ganado, early May
  • Verdiales Festival of the village, in July
  • Semanas Culturales de Moclinejo y El Valdés, late May and early June
  • San Juan, 24th June
  • Feria de Moclinejo y de El Valdés, late July and early August
  • Moclinejo Fair, late August
  • Encuentro de Pastorales de Navidad, end of the first week of December

There is also a Verdiales festival in July in Moclinejo which offers a great day of local folklore. There is a wall in the village that pays tribute to them:

moclinejo_ verdiales arte callejero
street art – Moclinejo – verdiales

Where is Almachar on the map?

Book accommodation

Please indicate the dates you wish to stay in Moclinejo to check availability in the village.

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