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Moclinejo and its vineyards

Moclinejo white village on  « raisin route» in Axarquia Costa del Sol

Moclinejo is part of the Raisin Route (ruta de la pasa), with the villages of Almachar , El Borge, Cutar and Comares .

Like the other villages, Moclinejo is surrounded by vineyards on the sides of the surrounding mountains.

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The tradition of wine in Moclinejo

If Moclinejo produces Malaga raisins, like the other villages, it is also famous for its wine .

The grape varieties are moscatel. It is more precisely the moscatel of AlexandriaIts cultivation on these lands is millennia.

Muscat of Alexandria was imported by the Phoenicians from Egypt around 3000 years ago (1000 BC). Then the Phoceaens then the Romans improved the culture of the vine. Finally, the Moors, from the 8th to the 15th century preserved and further improved the cultivation of the vine in these mountains.

Part of the harvested grapes will be used to produce wine, of which the famous Malaga wine , it can be Dulce o Seco (sweet or dry), depending on whether the grapes have been dried or not. The “DO Malaga” is one of the oldest DO since 1973.

However, it should be noted that there are some plots with a grape variety unique to Axarquia, just like the verdial olives: it is Romé.

It was a winemaker from the village who relaunched the production of this vine a few years ago. This vine is very curious because it produces clusters with grapes of 3 different colors (white, pink and red). 

The cellars of this winemaker now produce a wine made from this grape: Camaléon. This is both to recall the identity of this vine but also to celebrate the chameleon, an animal that we can meet from time to time while hiking in Axarquia .

The cultivation of the vine in Moclinejo

Cultivation of this grape has been the same for 3 centuries. The harvest is done by hand, then is charged on the back of a mule to the drying point (paseros), with the grapes on the ground .

At nightfall, they are covered with a canvas to avoid any risk of dew on the grapes. Once dry, each grape is cut one by one !!! The raisin is ready to be eaten, the Pasa.

It is the most artisanal harvesting system in Europe. The orography preventing any mechanization of cultivation and harvesting, with slopes of up to 60% …

This local culture is one of only 60 sites in the world registered by the UN, through the FAO, as GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems).

This distinction is the recognition of a unique, ancestral culture with a strong social, cultural, traditional and environmental impact. Respect for the environment in a sustainable manner is a key element in obtaining this distinction.

For all lovers of vines and wines

There is a local guide (and also passionate) who organizes small group tours (2 to 8 people max) from Nerja , Torrox and Torre del Mar , to meet winemakers, do tastings and learn about the culture of the vineyard in Axarquia.

He offers the “Ruta de la Pasa” (The Raisin Route) and the “Ruta del Sol y Vino” (The Sun and Wine Tour)

In this link, you will find all details (only possible from mid-August to the end of October)

The “Ruta de la Pasa” Tour

In this link, you will find all details with price and possibility to book online :

The “Wine and Sun Tour” 

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