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A must in Andalucia

Nerja the jewel of the Costa del Sol

Nerja is surrounded by unspoiled nature. Its natural environment is in my opinion unique: 14 km of coastline (Nerja offers 9 km of wonderful beaches and coves) located largely in a protected natural park. For mountain and hiking enthusiasts, the Pic del Cielo, in the Sierra de Almijara, at an altitude of 1505 meters, is only 3 or 4km from the sea !

Photos of Nerja are at the bottom of the article.

Nerja is surrounded by the Alboran Sea, the Sierra de Almijara, Frigiliana (known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain), and Torrox , which is know for having the best climate in Europe.

Nerja’s origins

The village takes its name from the Al-Andalus era, when the Moors gave it the name of Narixa (abundant fountain) due to the presence all around several rivers (rio Higueron, rio Chillar, arroyo de la Miel ,… ).

The cave of Nerja

Among the treasures of this city, there is of course the cave of Nerja , which extend for several kilometers of gallery. These galleries are among the most beautiful, and they have not finished revealing all their secrets.

Three years ago, concerts were still given during an international festival. Great artists such as Rostropovich, Paco de Lucía, José Carreras, Barbara Hendricks have performed there. They gave concerts in the cascade hall and the ballet hall, in a concert hall … 250 million years old …

The oldest proof of humanity is in the cave

A few years ago were discovered cave paintings dating from the Paleolithic, made by Neanderthal man. They have been dated 42,000 years ago, making them the world’s only paintings of Neanderthals and the oldest traces of humanity known to date. They represent seals painted in red ocher.

Nerja and the serie TV : Verano Azul

Nerja, this small fishing village originally, gained international fame from the early 1980s with the broadcast of a TV series: Verano Azul.

Since then the village has become very famous, particularly with the Balcony of Europe.

From this place (Nerja with Maro and the protected natural park “acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo”), a feeling of fullness and marvelous emanates.

It is a poet, Ibn Saadi, who will best translate this feeling. His poem, the oldest written on Nerja, dates from… 917 :

“Tendido sobre alfombras de mágicos colores mientras el dulce sueño mis párpados cerraba, Narixa, mi Narixa brotando entre flores con todas sus bellezas mi vista recreaba”.

What to do in Nerja?

You can find the best of Nerja in the pics at the end of the article.

A visit to the Balcony of Europe is a must.

Below is a short film (from February 2021) from the balcony of Europe:

Have a drink in the evening

The ideal place to go is Place Tutti Frutti.

There are many bars open with entertainment all year round.

The festivals during the year :

Tours in small groups (2 to 8 people max.) from Nerja to discover the authentic Axarquia and some of the most beautiful sites in Andalucia

Below are all tours with details and prices:

Discover the guided tours ( wine route, olive oil route, white villages route, etc.)


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Where to sleep in Nerja?

Holiday homes, villas, guest houses, hotels,…

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