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Please to contact us if you have any questions about or about Andalucia!

If you have any good addresses or beautiful villages in Andalucia to share, we’ll be delighted to read about them and go and discover these beautiful places in Andalucia. We’ll be sure to mention you in the article 🙂 .

If you would like to share traditions, customs and legends – and there are many in Andalucia – we will be delighted to publish them and mention you too.

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NB: concerning requests for sponsored articles or advertisements for an activity or destination: we refuse them all, there are none on the website.

We have opted for total editorial independence. We only publish about destinations that we have actually visited – with our own photos – and that we have enjoyed.

On the other hand, you can send us a place or an activity to discover and we’ll come and look at it, then share it if the place or activity is good.

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