Benaque best things to see and do

Macharaviaya's hamlet

Benaque is a hamlet of 200 inhabitants attached to the village of Macharaviaya in Axarquia

What to see in Benaque?

The church, the old mosque, of Benaque

In my opinion, Benaque has a treasure, the Nuestra Sra de la Encarnacion church.

This church was built on the old mosque from the Al-Andalus period.

We can still easily guess today the old minaret, on which we can see the church tower today.

The pics are at the bottom of the article.

In addition, the church was built in the purest Mudejar style: we can see it through the sobriety of the facades of the church (and inside with a special frame, a very specific style).

NB: the Mudejars are the Moors who after the reconquest by the Catholic kings pledged allegiance to the crown of Spain, with the permission to keep their religion and customs. We speak of the Mudejar style, because the Catholic kings “asked” the Mudejars to transform mosques into churches. These churches were built with the techniques and styles known by the Mudejars.

The house of the poet Salvador Rueda

Salvador Rueda, Spanish poet and journalist was born in this village. in 1857. He is considered the father of modernism in spanish literature and author of many poems.

I have an affection for these poems about Andalucia, Malaga and the Costa del Sol (which did not yet have this name in its time).

Here are a quote from his poems:

«Sobre el paisaje alegre, lleno de luz dorada,    
la atmósfera se extiende, como un inmenso tul,      
y Málaga parece una ciudad bordada,      
con torres y alminares, sobre la mar azul».


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