Verdiales a tipical musical culture in Malaga Province

A music genre from the Province of Malaga

Verdiales is a very old musical culture which is a real enchantment to discover; especially as it mixes history, celebration, culture, music, dance. I want to talk about the Verdiales.

It is a musical genre (fandango) unique in the Province of Malaga and especially in Guadalhorce, Montes de Malaga and Axarquia.

The peculiarity of this musical and folk genre is that each village presents a different style of dance from the Verdiales. We will speak of “the Comares type”, of “the Almogia type” and “Montes type”.

The word “verdiales” takes its name from the variety of olives grown only in Axarquia: verdial .

Malaga, organizes every year a big festival where the pandas (verdial music band) of the province come to present this very local spectacle.

Verdiales in Axarquia Costa del Sol

In Axarquia, several villages, including El Borge , Comares and Benagalbon have groups (pandas) of Verdiales. This tradition is very lively, but also unique and rare because this fandango has remained in its primitive form.

These groups are made up of:

– musicians: a violin (only 3 strings of the violin are used), guitars (which are worn “high”), a tambourine, cymbals, castanets, (and sometimes a mandolin or a lute),

– singers,

– dancers,

– the mayor (alcalde , who acts as conductor),

– a flag carrier (abanderao) which carries an Andalusian flag or a patron saint.

The mayor’s wand is made from an olive branch and colored threads and flower hats.

This authentic tradition is in the process of being declared an asset of cultural and ethnological interest .

I discovered the verdiales during the fiesta del Mosto y de la Chacina in Colmenar. I had a real enthusiasm for this tradition.

NB: I thank my friend Carlos karlitros for adding photos

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