The Romé vine, a unique grape variety in Malaga

a very rare and special vine

Romé grape before harvest

The Romé grape variety is grown in Axarquia in the province of Malaga

In this article you will find the essential information about the Romé grape variety grown in the province of Málaga:

  • Romé, a rare grape variety from the province of Málaga
  • Characteristics of the Romé grape variety
  • The DO Sierras de Málaga and the Romé grape variety
  • The Route of Wine and Sun in Axarquia
  • The Raisin Route (Ruta de la Pasa)
  • Some useful links

Romé, a rare grape variety from the province of Málaga

This is an exceptional grape variety, which is only found in Axarquia, and recently also in Ronda: La Romé.

On the map, the production area.

The production of wine from this vine is very low. Only 15,000 bottles of this variety are produced each year.

The particularities of the Romé grape variety

  • It is an endemic vine of Axarquia (subtropical climate).

  • The grapes have 3 different colours before veraison!

Axarquia uva rome
the romé before veraison (photo by Vicente – Bodega VV)

  • This grape variety is present in the highest rated wine in Andalucia, according to Robert Parker, with a score of 94/100! The vineyards are on the slopes of the Maroma, 800 metres above sea level, in Sedella. A DO Sierras de Malaga wine.

  • This is the only ‘red’ grape variety that continued to be grown after the phyloxera epidemic of the 1870s.

Where Romé is grown

In Axarquia, Romé is only grown in the municipalities of Moclinejo and Sedella.

The Moscatel variety is the most widely cultivated. Moscatel is used to make the famous sweet wines, DO Malaga, and the famous Malaga Raisin, DO Pasa de Malaga.

DO Sierras de Malaga and the Romé grape variety

After the DO Malaga, the province of Malaga obtained a new DO in 2000. It is called : DO Sierras de Malaga.

This is certainly what saved this variety, Romé, as it is one of the varieties used to make DO Sierras de Malaga wines.

Today, there is even a wine made with 100% Romé grapes: the Chameleon (Bodega Viñedos Verticales)

This name was given to it in reference to the 3 colours of the grapes, as well as to honour an emblematic animal of Axarquia: the chameleon.

camaleon axarquia andalucia
Chameleon in Axarquia

The Wine and Sun Route in Malaga with a guide

A local guide, Cipriano, offers to show you the Wine and Sun route. This one-day excursion is offered from Nerja, Torrox Costa and Torre del Mar.

During this excursion, you will discover the Muscatel grape variety of Alexandria and some magnificent white wines.

ceramica torrox ruta vino sol

During this excursion you will pass through 3 beautiful white villages and a bodega. You will participate in a tasting of Muscatel wines. Among these wines you will taste the one that was served at the wedding banquet of Felipe VI and Letizia.

For more information: Axarquia Wine Route Excursion.

The Raisin Route (Ruta de la Pasa) with a guide

This is an excursion along a unique route in the world: the Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin Route).

ruta de la pasa axarquia raisin muscat tour

This tour is only possible 2 months a year. You will discover the traditions and cultures around the sun-dried muscatel grapes.

el borge y la pasa en Axarquia

For more information: The Axarquia Raisin Route.

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