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From Claviclum to Torrox

Best things to see in Torrox nicknamed “Best Climate in Europe”

Torrox pueblo y mar
Vista Torrox pueblo y el mar

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torrox calle
calle al lado de la plaza de la Constitución

A few words about Torrox

Torrox is located in Axarquia in the province of Malaga. . Its historic centre is beautiful and has preserved its authenticity.

Torrox Spain weather

This village is known as the “Best Climate in Europe”. Nothing to add, we can enjoy this lovely place all year round!

Torrox, like many villages of the Costa del Sol (Mijas, Algarrobo,…), has the particularity of being cut in two. Torrox Costa (with its 9km of beaches), and Torrox pueblo, separated by 4km. This is of course linked to the history of its settlement.

torrox pueblo casa 2

It is located right next to Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful white villages in Spain.

On the coast, Torrox is right next to Nerja. The village is also bordered by the beautiful Sierra de Almijara.

torrox sierra de Tejeda y Almijara
View over the Sierra de Tejeda and Almijara

The history of the village

Historically, the Phoenicians were the first to settle here. Later came the Romans who gave it its first name: Claviclum.

Torrox playa faro
Playa de Torrox al faro (septiembre)

Above, a photo of the beach of the lighthouse, 100 metres away you can admire the Roman remains.

The speciality of the Romans, as in other parts of the Costa del Sol, was the production of Garum. The production was exported to Rome and was very popular during the Roman Empire.

Garum was a sauce obtained from the maceration of fish viscera, mainly anchovies and sardines….

The Visigoths later occupied the city and gave it the name Ciudad de los Arcos.

Torrox pueblo casa
una casa en el pueblo

Torrox under Al-andalus

It seems that the city took the name of Turrush (طرش ), which would give it its current name of Torrox.

Torrox pueblo ruta almanzor

The village, like others, in the 14th and 15th centuries, under the kingdom of Granada, would be an important silk production centre. These silks were sold in Malaga and Granada. During this period, the cultivation of mulberry trees to feed silkworms was developed around the village, in parallel with the development of sugar cane cultivation.

torrox fuente plaza hoya
Fountain in Plaza de la Hoya

Among the illustrious characters of Torrox, the most famous is Almanzor (in Arabic it means: the magnificent), from the Al-Andalus period. A statue of him can be found in the Constitution Square – Plaza de la Constitucion.

torrox estatua almanzor
Estatua de Almanzor

Almanzor (Al-Mansûr) grew up in Torrox and was a great warlord and minister of Hisham II, a caliph of Cordoba.

From the coast to the top of the village, there are many Roman and Arab remains to visit while enjoying the special charm of these white Andalusian villages.

Below is the Puente de las Animas (Bridge of Souls), of Roman origin. It is located between Torrox pueblo and Torrox Costa.

torrox puente animas
El puente de las Animas (with its famous legend…)

This bridge is below the beautiful and unique church of Nuestra Sra de las Nieves.

torrox Nuestra Sra de las Nieves
Nuestra Sra de las Nieves

It is a must to walk through the narrow streets of the village. It is a real pleasure!

torrox pueblo calle flores

What to see in Torrox Costa

Right next to the lighthouse you can still see the ruins of the villa (city) Claviclum as well as the ceramic kilns, a necropolis, and thermal baths. For history lovers, this place is worth a visit.

In Torrox Costa, there is also a very famous place to see, related to the 20th century. It is the wreck of the ship El Delfin, nicknamed El Barco de Arroz :

el barco del arroz : plongée sur épave de bateau en Andalousie, à Torrox
El barco de arroz, el Delfin

This boat is very close to the shore. You can go paddling or snorkelling. Some people also dive there. In the following link you can find the history, the legend and the exact location of the barco del Arroz (the rice boat).

This boat is very close to the shore. You can go paddling or snorkelling. Some people also dive there. In the following link you can find the history, the legend and the exact location of the Barco del Arroz (the rice boat).

Torrox pueblo what to see?

torrox paraguas
plaza de la constitucion

The Plaza de la Constitución in Torrox pueblo is the place to go for a coffee. Umbrellas have become a village landmark.

Next door you will find the church Nuestra Sra de la Encarnacion

torrox Nuestra Sra de la Encarnacion
Nuestra Sra de la Encarnacion

There is also the Plaza de la Hoya, right next to the Constitution Square. You can read about the history of this square there…very interesting!

torrox ventana 2
Ventana plaza de la Hoya

The best thing to do is to walk through the narrow streets of the village.

Torrox pueblo fachada

After the Plaza de la Constitución, there is the beautiful Mudejar-style church of San Roque. In spring this square is very pleasant. There are several lemon and orange trees in bloom at this time. It is a delight to smell the delicate fragrance of the azahar flowers.

torrox iglesia San Roque
San Roque Church

Afterwards, you can continue your walk through the narrow streets that lead up to the top of the village, to the Calle Colina del Sol.

torrox pueblo puerta azul

…Through Calle Silva

Torrox pueblo calle
Torrox pueblo narrow street

You will also have the opportunity to see some fabulous landscapes. In the photo below, you can also see the mountain road that leads to Frigiliana..

torrox ruta frigiliana
Torrox-Frigiliana road

A great place for lunch in Torrox

Here’s a great place to have lunch in Torrox, next to Torrox pueblo to be precise.

Why this address?

  • The food is very good,
  • the produce is fresh and well cooked
  • the place is absolutely quiet and secluded,
  • and there’s no need to worry about parking

It’s called Kiosko Amanda. I’d like to take this opportunity to quickly introduce Amanda: she’s a native of Torrox who decided to return to her village to open her kiosk after working for several years as a home chef in Marbella. She’s simply passionate about cooking, and you can see it in the way she decorates the plates and glasses of juice she prepares.

Here’s the location of kiosko Amanda on Google maps.

A chiriguinto in Torrox Costa

This chiringuito is off-center compared to the paseo maritimo of Torrox Costa but it is worth the detour for the setting, by the sea, and the tranquility it offers.

And of course we eat very well there, especially fish. Below is a photo of octopus which is drying and which will be served within 24-48 hours:

Here is the exact location of the Rincon de Pepe chiringuito.

What to do in Torrox?

In the surroundings it is possible to find very nice activities:

snorkeling Torrox

  • horse riding, on the beach or in the mountains
  • diving in Nerja and Torrox
  • guided tours (villages of Axarquia, Cordoba, Alhambra,…)
  • via ferrata (Caminito del Rey,…)
  • hiking (rio Chillar, El Saltillo with the hanging bridge,…)
  • canyoning in the rio Verde
  • astrotourism
  • snorkeling
  • visit of caves

Use the following link to access all the activities to do. during your holidays. This link provides you with all the details of each activity.

Hiking around Torrox

There are many walks around the village. One of my favourites is of course the Rio Chillar hike.

But there is an equally spectacular and lesser known hike:

Randonnée Costa del Sol à Competa rio Patamalara

This is the Rio Patamalara hike. The hike ends at the foot of a magnificent waterfall almost 20 metres high.

Guided tours in the surrounding area

A very good local guide, Cipriano, offers thematic and seasonal guided tours of Torrox and the surrounding area.

local guide andalucia

The guided tour that reveals Torrox and other white villages in the surrounding area:

ceramica torrox ruta vino sol

This is the Ruta del Sol y del Vino. You will find all the details in this link : Sun and Wine Tour.

The guided tours are always done in small groups (2 to 8 people max.) to discover the authentic Axarquia.

In the following links you will find all the details and prices of the tours he offers.

Here you can find all the guided tours in Axarquia from Torrox, Nerja and Torre del Mar.

In this link you will find the other tours in Andalucia from Nerja, Torrox and Torre del Mar.

Festivities to see in Torrox

For seven of them you will find the link to find out everything about these fairs and festivals.

Torrox Fair – poster 2023 –

Where is Torrox on the map?

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