Amanda, cook from the “Kiosko Amanda” in Torrox

Women voices with Amanda from “Kiosko Amanda” in Torrox

A few words about Amanda:

Amanda is the best example of a woman with multiple lives.

What’s impressive about Amanda is her will, her energy and her strength.

The interview – part 1

Willingness to study cooking.

Willingness to start working as a home chef.

Optimism and strength to create the Amanda kiosk, her gastronomic temple in Torrox, as she puts it.

The energy to run cookery workshops, including some for children.

The interview – part 2

Amanda is all that, but she’s also a blossoming young mum… I told you: she’s got several lives in one.

Where can you find the Kiosko Amanda to discover her cooking? Find out here.

Find Amanda on the Facebook page “Kiosko Amanda”.

You can also find Kiosko Amanda on Instagram.

And find here the personal account of Amanda Perez Pastor on Instagram.

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