Among the most beautiful Spanish village

Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia, and Spain

It benefits from the mention ” Pueblos mas bonitos de Espana “. It must be said that this village has an incredible aesthetic, with the permanent contrast of its white houses with the colors of the mountain, the sea and the blue sky.

What to see in Frigiliana ?

Ingenio Nuestra Senora del Carmen de Frigiliana

In addition to its beauty, you will see el Ingenio Nuestra Sra del Carmen, which is today the only place in Europe where sugar cane honey is made. A local specialty that deliciously accompanies many dishes such as fried eggplant or cheese.

This building, dates from the end of the 16th century, it was built in part with materials from the Arab castle destroyed during the reconquest. Sugar cane honey has been produced there since 1630 !

The festival of 3 cultures in Frigiliana

If you come in August, do not hesitate to come and see the festival of the three cultures (Muslim, Jewish and Christian), which is part of the history of the village. Concerts mixing the 3 cultures are given in different places of the village, including the Saint Antoine de Padoue church. Many artists (like Manu Chao) have already performed during the festival. And it is the occasion to appreciate the village in the evening in its lit alleys while breathing the perfume of the flowers like jasmine.

Visit the Church of Frigiliana: Saint Anthony of Padua

This church was built on a former Hermit, himself built on the old mosque whose minaret has been preserved and transformed . I always think to myself… the voice of the muezzin or the sound of the bells… the call to prayer has always been made from the same place for centuries!

Discover Frigiliana with a guide

To discover Frigiliana, with a guide, and the famous ghost village, El Acebuchal , in order not to miss anything of its treasures and the history : there is Cipriano, a passionate guide who will also be your driver and who can pick you up on the coast between Torre del Mar, Torrox, and Nerja.

Here are the details and price of the “Frigiliana and Lost Village Tour, with the possibility of booking online.

Frigiliana is also hotspot for hiking

There are several hikes from the village, but if you have to do just one, I recommend the Rio Chillar one.

The Rio Chillar hike is an absolute must for hiking and nature lovers.

Festivities in Frigiliana



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