Torrox Migas Festival 2022

Torrox Fiesta of Migas 2021

Torrox organizes the Fiesta de las Migas every year in December

The Festival of the Migas (the festival of fried breadcrumbs) in Torrox is an opportunity to celebrate a very traditional dish that is popular in different regions of Spain. Each place then developed its local recipes. The village of Torrox has made it a local specialty.

At the bottom of the page the posters from previous years.

Torrox Migas Festival 2021

The 40th edition of the Fiesta de las Migas will take place on Sunday 19 December 2021. The festival is always held on the Sunday before Christmas. It is one of the most popular festivals in the province of Malaga. It attracts around 40,000 people every year.

It is also considered one of the most important gastronomic festivals in the province, along with the Ajoblanco Festival in Almachar and The Night of Wine in Competa.

This year, 1,700 kilos of flour will be used to prepare the migas. Of course, the famous vino del terreno will be served to accompany the dish. There will also be the “arriera” salad (made up of oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and olives).

The programme for the festival of Migas 2021

The fiesta de las Migas 2021 will start at 11am in the Plaza de la Constitution. Several choral groups will give a concert.
At 1pm, we will walk to the llano de la Almazara (parking at the top of Torrox pueblo).

The festival will continue with the official start, which always begins by blowing into a famous mollusc shell. There will be a demonstration by the Panda de Verdiales “Coto Tres Hermanas”.
Then, at around 2 pm, the migas will be distributed for lunch.
Then, at 4 p.m., in the Plaza de la Constitución, a concert will begin that will continue into the evening.

It always a great day spending time in the wonderful village of Torrox.

This Festival has been declared “National Tourism Interest in Andalucia”.

It is originally a dish for field workers made from the leftover dry bread crumbs (migas) with some other ingredients.

The basic recipe consists of oil, garlic, water, breadcrumbs (or flour) and salt! In this link you can find the migas recipe the speciality of Torrox (in Spanish).

Lunch time in the fields was heared when a man blew into a conch (shell of a large mollusc) to emit a powerful sound across the valley. The same process was used to warn of the arrival of rain from one valley to another (to quickly protect the grapes drying in the sun on the paseros).

torrox fiesta migas ceramica
Torrox, Fiesta de la Migas

Symbolically, at the beginning of the Migas Day, before the tasting of the migas prepared by the “migueros” begins, a man blows into a conch shell.

Torrox ceramica del llamador a las migas
Torrox llamador a las migas

This day is an opportunity to live to the rhythm of the traditional and popular festivities of Axarquia, Andalusia .

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