Torrox Saint John’s Eve 2022

san juan en torrox 2022
Saint John’s Eve 2022 in Torrox

Torrox organizes the feast of St. John every year on June 23

Saint John’s Day will be celebrated in Torrox pueblo, in the Pontil district.

Several dance and song performances will be given from 8pm in the Plaza de la Concordia.

A walk, with lit torches, to the river (rio Torrox / rio Patamalara) is also planned.

The tradition is to get one’s head wet on the banks of the river. On the way back, pastries (roscos de la San Juan) are distributed.

The feast of San Juan, like many feasts, was originally a pagan feast, which was taken over by the Christian religion, and which has become a traditional feast over the years.

This is the opportunity to live to the rhythm of the traditional, popular, and typical festivities of Axarquia .

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