Rio Chillar walk in Frigiliana

Feet in water

A wonderful walk in Frigiliana : Rio Chillar

Rio Chillar walk is a hike like no other, long for the bravest of 15 km, with an average difficulty. You only need a pair of sneakers that won’t worry anymore, because the hike is done with your feet in the water (see photos below).

The Chillar river in Frigiliana

The start of the hike begins at the bottom of Frigiliana, at the edge of Nerja . We cross the gorges formed over time by this river and it is spectacular. The most incredible thing is that, as the crow flies, we must be barely 1 kilometer from the beaches.

The rules for the rio Chillar walk

We take a small backpack with food and drink, as well as a bag that will be used to keep all the rubbish to throw it on the way back, and especially not to leave anything in nature. For safety, and even if there are more than 300 sunny days a year, we check that there has been no rain on the previous days

As with any self-respecting hiker, when you find litter that shouldn’t be there, you also pick it up where possible. Like any ecosystem, it is particularly fragile, and everyone must protect it as best they can.

To view the exact geographical position of Rio Chillar hike

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