Benamargosa best things to see and do

A typical and fruity village !

A picturesque village on the Axarquia Costa del Sol

This charming village, Benamargosa, surrounded by fruit orchards (lemons, mangoes, avocados) is an ideal place for rural tourism. It is only a few kilometres from the sea and from Velez-Malaga. It is known for its numerous orchards, as is the neighbouring village of Triana.

The pics of the village are at the bottom of the article.

The history of Benamargosa

This village of Moorish origin (see pic at the bottom of the article, the church was built in the 16th century on the former mosque of the village) has been known for centuries for its fruit production. If today the culture is diversified (mango, avocado, litchi, kiwi,…), it was originally concentrated on the culture of lemons and oranges.

It was the famous botanist Ibn Beithar who launched the cultivation of these citrus fruits in the 13th century, according to a document dated 1216! During the Al-Andalus period, Benamargosa had two sugarcane honey factories. Today, they have all disappeared. Only one remains in continental Europe…in the village of Frigiliana, about 40km away.

Benamargosa is attached to the Taha de Comares (Comares district) under Al-Andalus.

The Little Gibraltar (Gibraltar el chico)

The village was nicknamed Little Gibraltar in the 20th century. Many villagers were smuggling tobacco and cloth from Gibraltar at that time. Tobacco smuggling was at its peak during the civil war (1936-1939) and into the 1950s. This risky but lucrative smuggling activity was passed on from father to son.

The village’s “fame” for its smuggling activity was even sung about.

Here is a verse in a song:

Viva mi pueblo señores / que soy de Benamargosa

donde se vende el tabaco / como si fuera otra cosa.

There is also a mention in this fandango (with some humour):

Cargao de Contrabando / me llevan a un tribunal cargao de contrabando /

yo le canté un fandango el fiscal se echó a llorar / y el juez firmó la libertad

The website of the village council tells in detail about this period: page of famous bandits and smugglers

There is still an important element of this period. The inhabitants of Benamargosa are called benamargoseño.  However, in the region, the inhabitants are still referred to by some as “mangurrinos”. This nickname comes from the word “mangón” which means “traffic, contraband”.

What to see in Benamargosa ?

  • the church : Santa Maria de la Encarnacion
  • its narrow streets in the historic centre
  • its tropical fruit fields
  • Taste the local drink: the baty cate (made of avocado, cinnamon, sugar and milk)

What to do in Benamargosa ?


  • Fiesta del campo, in April (gastronomic festival with the folklore of the verdiales)


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