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Visit the cave of Nerja

The cave of Nerja is among the treasures of this town. Its galleries extend over several kilometers. The cave  is among the most famous, and it has not yet finished revealing all its secrets.
Nerja cave was discovered only 60 years ago and excavations continue today. The visit open to the public represents a third of the galleries. What moreover already offers the possibility of seeing considerable beauties. You will be able to discover the tallest stalactite in the world … .It is about 60 meters high (in the cataclysms room).
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Two years ago, concerts were still given during an international festival. Great artists such as Rostropovich, Paco de Lucía, José Carreras, Barbara Hendricks have performed there. They gave concerts in the cascade hall and the ballet hall, in a concert hall … 250 million years old …

In Nerja cave were found the first traces of humanity

A few years ago cave paintings dating from the Paleolithic were discovered. These paintings were made by Neanderthal man. They were recently dated 30.000 years ago, making them the world’s only paintings of Neanderthals and one of the oldest traces of humanity known to date. These paintings represent seals painted in red ocher.
The website of the “Cueva de Nerja” foundation allows through this link to buy tickets online to visit the cave. The prices are 12 euros / person and free for children under 12).
(photo credit: Cueva de Nerja Foundation)

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  • Price: 12 €, child up to 12 years old: free,
  • opening time: the time slots are chosen with the purchase of the ticket on website

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