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A heritage to discover !

Velez Malaga, 3000 years of history, the capital of Axarquia-Costa del Sol

Originally Velez-Malaga is a Phoenician village. It will then be a Roman city and will be called Manoba. Then, after the Romans and the Visigoths, it will take the name of Bâllish during the period of Al-Andalus.

In 1487, following the conquest of the city by the Catholic kings, Abul Kasin handed over the keys of the city to the city’s first Catholic mayor, Diego Arias. All mosques will be transformed into churches, convents or palaces.

Have a look to the pics above to discover this héritage.

2 important dates with France and England

On August 24, 1704

The biggest naval battle in history, and arguably the deadliest: the English seized Gibraltar 20 days earlier. Spanish galleys and French ships confront the Anglo-Dutch fleet:

93 ships, 3,522 guns and 24,275 men confronted 65 Anglo-Dutch ships, 3,614 guns and 22,453 men, on a front line that will extend for 10 to 15 kilometers.

If the victory is Franco-Spanish at the end of the day, that will not allow Gibraltar to be recovered.

March 9, 1810

Visit of the King of Spain (and also King of Italy)… .Joseph Bonaparte. He was appointed King of Spain by his younger brother Napoleon Bonaparte. The visit to the city will provoke rebellions thereafter, which will prevent the Napoleonic army from pacifying the area. Joseph Bonaparte was also not a leader, the reasons for his coming to Velez were to discover the sugar cane cultures of the region.

Agriculture and tropical fruits in Velez Malaga

It is historically the cultivation of sugar cane and vines, which surrounded the city. Today, fields of avocado and mango trees have become the majority and make the city the European capital for the cultivation of tropical fruits.

The tropical fruits Tour in the surroundings

A great guide, native of the town offers a full day guided tour in tropical fields (with tasting) and with the discover of the 2 major sites of Velez-Malaga.

It’s a visit that I have fond memories of! This visit is possible from September to January.

Here is the link for: all details, price and booking online :

The Tropical Fruits Tour

The personalities of Velez-Malaga

  • Maria Zembrano , great 20th century philosopher
  • Evaristo Guerra, contemporary painter (see his painted frescoes in the Ermita de la Virgen de los Remedios)
  • Cervantes (lived a few years in Velez)
  • Fernando Hierro (former soccer player and captain of Real Madrid)

What to see in Velez-Malaga ?

A stroll in the historic center of the city will make you discover the many historical and artistic treasures as well as some absolutely magnificent house facades:

  • Cervantes house
  • the Convent of San Francisco , which is a former mosque.
  • the palace of the Marquises of Beniel
  • the mihrab is a niche in a wall to indicate the qibla – that is, the direction of the kaaba in Mecca, and therefore indicates the meaning of prayer. This mihrab has remained, to this day, in good condition
  • Santa Maria Mayor de la Encarnacion church (with the Semana Santa museum inside)
  • the wall of the Medina, it has been restored and you can admire right next to the old gate of the city
  • the church of Saint John the Baptist which is a former mosque
  • the hermitage of the Virgen de los Remedios
  • the Alcazaba Fortaleza, one of the most important fortresses of the Nazari kingdom of Granada
  • sculpture of Cervantes in real size
  • sculpture representing Don Quixote

What to do in Velez Malaga ?

The festivals


In this link find the 50 activities and experiences around Velez Malaga

A final word about Velez-Malaga and Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes lived in Velez Malaga, and is one of the men who had an incredible life. He served in the military and fought in a naval battle off Greece to combat the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. He will also lose the use of his left hand. On returning to Spain, he was captured by the Barbarians and was a slave for 5 years in Algiers, despite his 4 escapes.

Of return, in Spain, it will be commissioner of the food, and will divert goods of the church then will make illicit sale of wheat, which will be worth to him stays in prison.

He will find a new job in Velez-Malaga as a tax collector. Then it will be the brilliant writer of Don Quixote and the creator of the character of Dulcinea in his masterpiece.

“  ¡Gracias sean dadas a Dios, señores, que a tan buena parte nos ha conducido! Porque, si yo no me engaño la tierra que pisamos es la de Vélez Málaga.  “(Chapter XLI)

Several municipalities are attached to the capital: Torre del Mar (the seaside), La Caleta de Velez (the port), Triana, Trapiche, Chilches, Benajarafe, …

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Where to sleep in Velez Malaga ?

holiday homes, villas, guest houses, hotels

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If you are in the area for a few days, here is a selection of great activities :

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