Torre del Mar best things to see and do

Torre del Mar, the seaside resort of Axarquia – Costa del Sol

Torre del mar paseo maritimo
paseo maritimo in Torre del Mar

In this article you will find the essential information about things to see and do in Torre del Mar :

  • A few words about Torre del Mar
  • The origins of the seaside resort
  • What to see ?
  • What to do ?
    • Activities in the area
    • guided tours from Torre
    • Festivities
  • Where is Torre del Mar?
  • Book accommodation
  • Some useful links
  • Experiences to discover in the province of Málaga
  • A poem by Salvador Rueda

A few words about Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar is located in Axarquia in the province of Malaga. It is the family resort by excellence on the Costa del Sol. It is located 40km from Malaga.

The origins of the seaside resort

Torre del Mar, and all the villages attached to Velez Malaga, are among the main Phoenician settlements on the Costa del Sol and even in the western world. Numerous remains and tombs have been found all around (Algarrobo, Mezquitilla, los Toscanos).

Today, on the fishing boats, we can see an intangible heritage of that time: the famous Phoenician eye. This eye, according to ancestral beliefs, was used to frighten and keep sea monsters under water.

During the Andalusí period

During the period of Al-Andalus, there was an Arab castle (which also served as a customs post) and also a lookout tower in the 14th century: the Torre Alcozaiba.

It has now disappeared, but when the Catholic kings reconquered these lands, its name was changed. The Torre de Alcozaiba became Torre del Mar.

Historical fact in the 18th century

On 24 August 1704, in front of the present-day beach, the biggest and most deadly naval battle in history took place:

torre del mar vista playa paseo maritimo

The English had seized Gibraltar 20 days earlier. On 24 August 1704, Spanish galleys and French ships confronted the Anglo-Dutch fleet.

The Franco-Spanish fleet – 93 ships, 3,522 cannons and 24,275 men – will fight against the Anglo-Dutch fleet – 65 ships, 3,614 cannons and 22,453 men, in a front line that will extend over 10 to 15 kilometres.

On the paseo maritimo a statue pays tribute to this battle.

Blas de Lezo, the hero of this battle

If the victory is Franco-Spanish at the end of the day, it will not allow the Spanish to recover Gibraltar.

What to see in Torre del Mar?

  1. The 3 lighthouses!
  2. La casa Larios
  3. A living sculpture!
  4. The sugar cane factory
  5. The beaches
  6. The paseo maritimo
  7. Villa Mercedes
  8. The jabegote sculpture
  9. The Desbandá sculpture
  10. Thursday market
  11. The mouth of the Rio Velez
  12. Where to eat tapas
    • Marisquería El Yate
    • El Negri bar and restaurant

The lighthouses must-sees in Torre del Mar

There is something very singular in the seaside resort…There are 3 lighthouses!

les 2 phares sur le paseo en andalousie
the 2 lighthouses on the paseo

A little further in town, in the same axis, you can see the oldest lighthouse. This is an opportunity to note how the land has gained on the sea over time!

torre del mar antiguo faro

La casa Larios

torre del mar que voir : la casa Larios

The Casa Larios, which is now a branch of the Velez-Malaga town hall, is the former headquarters of the sugar cane factory.

To the right of the building you can see a curious thing….a living sculpture…on a tree!

torre del mar escultura arbol
escultura en un arbol

The sugar cane factory of Torre del Mar was the last one in operation on the Costa del Sol, until 1991. You can still see these 3 big chimneys (the biggest one below)

Torre del mar chimenea azucarera sugar cane museum
chimenea de la antigua azucarera

In the background, you can see the old Nuestra Sra del Carmen factory, which is now an exhibition centre on the history of sugar cane, and also on the Phoenician remains of the Costa del Sol. This place is definitely worth a visit!

The beaches of Torre del Mar

Torre del mar playa 2

There are several beaches. In total there are 4 km of beaches.

Torre del mar faro
el faro

The easternmost beach next to the campsite is Playa del Varadero. On this beach you can often see jabegas.

The beaches, with all the activities for all ages, offer an ideal place for a family holiday with children.

torre del mar paseo playa

In the evening on the beach, the best thing to do is to go to a chiringuito to enjoy some tapas and espetos de sardinas.

The paseo maritimo iconic place to see in Torre del Mar

kiosk on paseo maritimo

It is locally known as the “Mejor paseo maritimo de Europa“, with its 4 km walk to the fishing port of the Caleta de Velez.

On the paseo maritimo you can enjoy several chiringuitos.

torre del mar chiringuito

It is not uncommon to see banana trees along the chiringuitos of the paseo maritimo.

Sometimes, you can also see some chiriguintos from the paseo maritimo drying some fish fillets on the beach 🙂

In town, on the paseo de Larios, opposite the church,

You can see the most famous house in Torre del Mar: Villa Mercedes

Right next to it, there is a beautiful sculpture that pays tribute to the fishermen, taking out the fishing nets from the beach.

The sculpture of the jabegote pulling the net (el copo) out of the water, taken at night:

And I would also like to mention one last sculpture that evokes a tragic event: the Desbandada (or the Desbandá in Andalusian). I think this sculpture represents it very well. The sculpture is located at the exit of the city before arriving at the Caleta.

The sculpture is located on the Avenida de Andalucía, on the famous N-340 (Málaga-Almería road).

A detail of this story: the desbanda follows the sinking of the ship El Delfin on 13 January 1937. This ship was torpedoed and sunk 20 km from here, in Torrox, while trying to bring supplies to a besieged Malaga.

This ship is only 300 metres from the shore. It is therefore easy to see.

el barco del arroz : plongée sur épave de bateau en Andalousie, à Torrox
El barco del arroz, el Delfin, à Torrox

Here is the link where you can find all the information about the boat that has been called the barco del Arroz (Rice boat) since that date.

The market of Torre del Mar

This is one of the largest and most interesting markets on the Costa del Sol.

The Torre del Mar market – called mercadillo – is held on Thursdays. It is an opportunity to taste local fruits.

torre del mar tienda frutas tropicales

and you can often find tropical fruits (mangoes, avocados, dragon fruit, dragon eye, passion fruit, papaya,…)

Where to find the market of Torre del Mar ? : here

See Torre del Mar, nature side

The ideal place to observe nature in Torre del Mar is the mouth of the Rio Velez. It is located just after the beach, reserved for families with dogs.

It is a very special place, which should be preserved. Thing important to do : observing the birds from a distance and to avoid making noise so as not to disturb them.

Sometimes you can even see pink flamingos…. here, they are still white because they are less than a year old.

Where to eat tapas in Torre del Mar?

Here are two addresses that I’ve been particularly fond of for… 30 years for eating tapas in Torre del Mar.

Marisquería El Yate

It’s my favourite, and I love the typical atmosphere when I go there for tapas. My favourite place is at the bar. It costs 2.50€ for a drink and a tapa.

El Yate is right in the centre of town, on Calle Saladero Viejo, and this is its exact location.

Bar restaurant El Negri

El Negri is on Paseo de Larios, not far from El Yate. Here too, I usually eat directly at the bar, for the authentic atmosphere.

What to do in Torre del Mar?


In the surroundings, it is possible to find very nice activities:

snorkeling in Nerja and Torrox
during snorkeling

  • horse riding, on the beach or in the mountains
  • diving in Nerja and Torrox
  • guided tours (villages of Axarquia, Cordoba, Alhambra,…)
  • via ferrata (Zafarraya, Caminito del Rey,…)
  • hiking (El Saltillo with the hanging bridge,…)
  • canyoning (in the rio Verde,…)
  • astrotourism
  • snorkeling
  • visit of caves

Use the following link to access all the activities to do. during your holidays. This link provides you with all the details of each activity.

Guided tours from Torre

A very good local guide, Cipriano, offers thematic and seasonal guided tours from Torre del Mar.

local guide andalucia

As example : Frigiliana and El Acebuchal Tour

Cipriano organizes from Torre del Mar the visit of Frigiliana and El Acebuchal, the famous hamlet forgotten for 50 years!

You can find the details of the day and the possibility of booking online, in the following link: Frigiliana and El Acebuchal Tour.

frigiliana pueblo mas bonito en Axarquia

The guided tours are always done in small groups (2 to 8 people max.) to discover the authentic Axarquia.

In the following links you will find all the details and prices of the tours he offers.

Here you can find all the guided tours in Axarquia from Torrox, Nerja and Torre del Mar.

In this link you will find the other tours in Andalucia.

Ferias and fiestas

There are many ferias and fiestas throughout the year, the main ones being

Feria de Torre del Mar 2023 – poster –

  • Romeria de Torre del Mar, in May
  • Carnival (late February or early March)
  • Fiesta de sus majestades los Reyes Magos de Oriente (5th January)
  • Fiesta in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of fishermen (16 July)

Where is Torre del Mar on the map?

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A last word….it goes to Salvador Rueda, who is probably the poet who speaks best about this place….

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