Caleta de Velez Malaga

Fishing port


Visit the fishing port of Caleta de Velez (Velez-Malaga)

At Caleta de Velez the port is divided into 2 parts. There is the marina and the fishing port. La Caleta de Velez is attached to the capital of Axarquia: Velez-Malaga (whose city center is sublime and little known)

It is the first fishing port of the Costa del Sol (Province of Malaga), and you can see all kinds of small fishing boats (see pics below).

The fish and shellfish caught are delivered fresh to the chiringuitos in Axarquia . The chiringuitos are small beach restaurants. This is the opportunity to enjoy the famous espetos de sardinas (sardine skewers) for 4 or 5 euros.

About espetos according to the advice of the locals the best time to eat sardines is from May to August. To remember 2 ways: these are the months without “r” and it is the exact opposite of the best time to eat oysters.

Fishing boats in La Caleta de Velez and the Phoenician heritage

If we are used to seeing the Phoenician eye on the jabegas of the Costa del Sol, it is still quite common to see painted eyes on the prows of fishing boats (see pic below). This Phoenician eye, then taken over by the Romans and Greeks, was painted to ward off the evil eye during sea crossings. A legend also says that this eye was used to scare marine monsters so that they remain under water!

The festivities in La Caleta de Velez

There is a major holiday to remember in this fishing village. It is the procession of the Virgen del Carmen (Patroness of fishermen), part of the procession of which is done with fishing boats along the coast . This procession takes place in mid-July each year.

Caleta de Velez Malaga is situated close to Torre del Mar, Torrox and Nerja.

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