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The white village of Almachar in Axarquia , is a typical village of the region, which has remained authentic. It is also famous for its local gastronomy and in particular for the production of raisins and ajoblanco (cold drink with almonds, olive oil and garlic). It is one of the gastronomic symbols of the province of Malaga in Andalucia.

The pics are at the bottom of the article.

Almachar is a village that cultivates vines (in particular the moscatel grape ). It produces wine but above all dry grapes (DO pasa de Malaga). At the very heart of the village, at the end of the summer, you can see here raisins drying out on the paseros (a spectacle!)

It is part of the “Ruta de la Pasa” (Raisin Route) villages such as Comares , Moclinejo, El Borge , Cutar and Totalan.

At the end of the article, I invite you to take 3 minutes to watch the movie made in 1960 on the grape harvest in this village.

If you come to the village in September you will find exactly the same typical scenes today. A total change of scenery in the heart of the traditions of this part of southern Spain.

Its origins

This village was born during the Al-Andalus period, under Muslim rule. The layout of its alleys reveals its moorish past all around the San Mateo church (built on the old mosque of the village). Its name comes from the arabic language and the term Maysar or Machar, which means “land of meadows”. Formerly, the village was called Macharalhayate.

What to see in Almachar ?

  • The gardens of El Forfe. They have a particular attraction because they offer splendid panoramic views. From there you can contemplate the surroundings of the Almáchar river.
  • La Cueva del Moro. According to an old legend, this cave shelters a treasure hidden by the moors during their exodus following the reconquista.
  • The Church of San Mateo and its particular architecture
  • the Raisin Museum which will show you the process of making one of Almáchar’s most typical products.

Below, the film presenting Almachar shown at FITUR 2022. The same way of life as in the small video on Almachar from 1960. Click on the last picture at the bottom of the article!

For wine and vines lovers

If you are in Axarquia Costa del Sol  around Torre del Mar, Torrox or Nerja : I recommend you a guide to make you discover all treasures about local wines. He offers two tours, you’ll see all information in the links below

The Muscat wine Tour with all details and booking online

The Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin Tour) with all details and booking online

What to do in Almachar ?


  • Feria de Ntra. Sra. del Amparo, in July
  • Feria del ajoblanco, in September
  • Feria y Procesión del Santo Cristo de la Banda Verde, in May
  • Encuentro de Pastorales, in December


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Where to sleep in Almachar ?

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