Raisin museum in Almachar

museo de la pasa

Visit the Pasa (Raisin) Museum in Almachar

n this article you will find the essential information to visit the Raisin Museum in Almachar

  • A few words about Almachar and the museum
  • Opening hours
  • Where is the museum located?
  • Some useful links to other museums in Malaga

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pasa en paseros

A few words about Almachar and the museum

Almachar is a lovely little white village in Axarquia in the province of Málaga

almachar pueblo ruta de la pasa

The Raisin Museum

zapato para la pisa

The museum celebrates one of the most authentic products of the province of Malaga: the Pasa. In this link you can find out about the culture of the Raisin of Malaga.

The museum displays all the tools related to the cultivation of the vine and the famous production of the pasa (raisin).

raisin sorting

Many wooden tools are on display, including this curious tool below which is used to make packages of sultanas:



In the museum you can also find tools that were used in the fields or in the houses.



The timetable

en el museo

You can find the timetable in the following link: timetable of the museum in Almachar.

Where is the pasa museum?

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