Periana Festival olive oil 2022

dia del aceite verdial periana 2022

Periana organizes the verdial olive oil festival, for 2 days, each year, at the beginning of April

Verdial olive oil from Periana is very famous (it’s one of my favorites, with a preference for “unfiltered”).

This olive oil is made from olives of the verdial variety . Among the 1000 varieties of olives cultivated in the world, the verdial, is only cultivated in Axarquia – Costa del Sol . It is an olive that stays green for a very long time and its harvest is very late, from January to March.

During this olive oil festival, there is traditionally :

  • the traditional breakfast (desayuno molinero): bread with olive oil
  • demonstrations of local crafts
  • shows of the local popular culture with the Verdiales.

This is the opportunity to live to the rhythm of the traditional, popular, and typical festivities of Axarquia.

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