The chameleon, emblem of Axarquia in Andalusia

Chameleon in Andalusia

We can meet chameleon in Andalusia specifically in Axarquia

Observing a chameleon in its natural space is very rare in Europe. It can be observed in Sicily and in the Algarve in Portugal. However, 85% of the chameleon population lives in the subtropical climate of Axarquia , in the province of Malaga.

Caméléon à Torrox Costa en Andalousie
Chameleon in Torrox Costa

The chameleon in Andalusia is a protected species, and everyone should be careful to protect them. It is also recommended, as with hedgehogs, to watch out for these animals when you’re driving. This emblematic animal of Axarquia, the chameleon, gave its name to a wine made from a grape variety endemic to this land and quite extraordinary – to discover here! –

I thank Nove Nyberg, my neighbor in Torrox, for this movie.

Above a video in Torrox Costa : a chameleon before crossing a road :

Chameleon in Torrox Costa on a pavement

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