Holly Week 2022 Ronda

Holy Week 2022 in Andalucia

Holy Week in Andalucia is without doubt the most important week of the year

The strong image of Semana Santa in Andalucia is, of course, the procession with the penitents carrying the thrones.

These penitents are also called “Nazarenes” and all belong to a religious brotherhood (Hermandad and Cofradia), each with their own thrones.

I invite you to watch the video above for a full immersion in these incredible processions. The atmosphere and emotion are very visible in this video (5 min) by director Jason Li.

Semana Santa 2022 à Malaga en Andalousie
Holy week 2022 Malaga

Many Andalusians, including the most famous, Antonio Banderas in Malaga, belong to a brotherhood. And it is an honour for everyone to be able to be one day one of the bearers of the throne.

The dates of Holy Week 2022

The Semana Santa will take place from 10 to 17 April 2022. At the bottom of the article you will find several posters of the Semana Santa in several cities of Andalucia.

Holy Week 2022 in Andalucia in Cordoba
Holy week 2022 Cordoba

It should be noted that in Andalucia, Semana Santa is celebrated in a more ‘festive’ way, and in a less solemn way than in the rest of Spain. Semana Santa is the week before Easter and commemorates the Passion of Christ.

Semana Santa Sevilla 2022
Holy Week in Sevilla 2022

The symbols and strong images of Semana Santa in Andalusia

  • The Capirote: the pointed cap worn by the penitents
  • Processions
  • The mantilla: it is a garment to cover the hair, with a comb. It is black in colour and worn by women.
  • The mantilla symbolises the pain and suffering during the days of the Passion of Christ.
  • Pasos (or imagenes): these are the statues that are installed on the thrones during the processions
  • La saeta: a song of a religious nature (which is now part of the flamenco repertoire). It is an ode to the Virgin or to Christ. When the procession passes, the audience is usually completely silent and a saetero starts to sing a saeta next to the throne. It is a moving moment: there is only the voice, without any musical instrument, and in total silence.

Holy Week 2022 in Andalucia in Granada
Holy week 2022 Granada

Holy Week in Andalucia is lived with great fervour

For a week, Andalucia takes on special colours and the perfume in the streets is a mixture of incense, orange blossom and the hot wax of candles. It lives to the rhythm of processions and representations of the Passion of Christ.

In this video from Semana Santa, scenes were shot in Malaga, Ronda, Alhaurin El Grande and Velez Malaga.

Here are two very special processions in Andalucia

The Procession of Christ (Cristo del Consuelo) of the Gypsies in Granada

This procession is very lively, you can hear flamenco music. What makes this procession so special is when it passes through the historic gypsy quarter on the Sacromonte mountain. It is customary to light fires in front of the cave dwellings. This procession is a must-see!

The Procession of the Cristo de la Buena muerte (or Cristo de Mena) in Malaga

This procession is linked to a military order, to the legionaries of the Spanish army. The way of carrying the paso, the statue of Christ, is very particular. And to hear the legion sing “el novio de la muerte” (the bridegroom of death) during this procession is really very impressive.

Below: a passage from this procession with the legion

Discover the Holy Week 2022 in Andalucia in Velez-Malaga

Malaga’s “little sister” can be the ideal opportunity to discover the Semana Santa in Andalucia. Its location, close to the sea, close to Malaga and a city centre with 3000 years of history will offer a rich stay.

The Semana Santacde Velez-Malaga is one of the most famous in Andalucia despite the modest size of the town.

Here is the link to discover: the beautiful city centre of Velez-Malaga, which is also the capital of the beautiful and authentic Axarquia.

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Holy Week 2022 in Andalucia in Cadiz
Holy week 2022 Cadiz

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