sevilla cartel feria abril fiestas primavera 2024

Seville Fair 2024 all you need to know about this event

The Seville Fair 2024, also known as the Seville April Fair

In this article, you’ll find all the essential information about the Seville Fair :

  • A few words about Seville
  • The 2024 dates of the Fair
  • The Fair programme
  • Map of the Real de Feria
  • The 8 public casetas of Feria 2024
  • Book accommodation
  • Activities in Seville
  • Some useful links (car hire, taxi, flight,…)
  • The great ferias of Andalusia

A few words about Seville

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, on the banks of the Guadalquivir, is a city of outstanding beauty and well worth a visit in its own right.

This city with a prestigious past boasts an incredibly rich historical and artistic heritage. It takes several days to visit Seville, the Hispalis of Roman times, the Isbiliya of al-Andalus.

seville les endroits insolites

During the Seville Fair, and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, here’s a link to the most secret places and hidden gems in Seville.

Seville – “former kiss street”…

You can also take the opportunity to discover the beautiful and popular Triana neighborhood as well as its fabulous covered market.

Finally, here is another idea for a walk, quite brilliant, in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, closely linked to the old Judaería.

For those who wish, there’s a great English-speaking guide, Victor, who offers several ways of private tour of Seville, including a very enjoyable one on bicycle!

The 2024 dates of the Seville Fair

Here are the dates for the Seville Fair: 14 to 20 April 2024.

sevilla cartel feria abril fiestas primavera 2024
Seville Fair – 2024 Official Poster

The origins of the Seville Fair

The Seville Fair dates back over 150 years, when the city decided to organise an agricultural fair to promote the local economy. Since then, it has become a not-to-be-missed event, usually taking place two weeks after Holy Week.

The fair is held on a specially prepared site, known as the Real de la Feria, and is made up of hundreds of tents known as ‘casetas‘.

The Seville Fair has also become famous for its horse parade. Every day, elegantly dressed riders and their horses ride through the streets of the city, creating a majestic atmosphere. Andalusian horses, renowned for their beauty and grace, are a real attraction and an integral part of the fair’s tradition.

The Fair programme 2024

The Seville Feria 2024 begins the night of Saturday to Sunday April 14 at 00:00 with the illumination, and ends on Saturday April 20 at midnight with a fireworks show.

The “pescaito dinner” preceding the opening of the Fair will take place on Saturday April 13.

NB: The “cena de pescaito” is one of the most celebrated events in private casetas in the company of family and close friends. During the “pescaíto” dinner, members meet their loved ones inside the stands to eat and drink, including the famous rebujito.

On April 14, 2024 at noon, there will be a horse and carriage show:

Here is the link to book your place online at the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de caballería.

The Seville Fair, also known as the Feria de Abril,

is one of Spain’s most emblematic and festive events.

Music and dance are essential elements of the Fair. The sevillanas, a traditional Seville dance, are omnipresent throughout the fair. The women wear colourful flamenco dresses and the men elegant flamenco suits.

Sevillanas are danced in couples, in a circle or in a line, and everyone is invited to join in. It’s a unique experience to join in the dancing and get swept away by the festive atmosphere.

Below is the map of the Real de Feria, with all the casetas:

Real de Feria map – Seville

The casetas

These are the heart of the Seville Fair. They are built especially for the occasion and decorated with care. Each caseta belongs to a family, a group of friends or a company, and is generally private.

However, some casetas are open to the public and offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Inside the casetas, you’ll find music and dancing.

As well as the dancing, the Seville Fair is also renowned for its gastronomy. The casetas offer a variety of traditional dishes, such as gazpacho, Iberian ham, tortillas and fresh seafood. Typical drinks include Jerez wine, rebujito (a mixture of wine and lemonade) and manzanilla (a type of sherry).

It’s the perfect opportunity to discover Andalusian cuisine and taste some unique flavours.

The 8 public casetas during the Seville Feria 2024

  • – C/ Costillares, 22-26 : Quartier Nervión – San Pablo – Santa Justa
  • – C/ Antonio Bienvenida, 97-101 : Quartier Casco Antiguo
  • – C/ Pascual Márquez, 153-157 : Quartier Triana – Los Remedios
  • – C/ Pascual Márquez, 215-219 : Quartier Est – Cerro – Amate
  • – C/ Pascual Márquez, 85-89 : Quartier Macarena – Macarena Norte
  • – C/ Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, 61-65 : Quartier Sud – Bellavista – La Palmera
  • – C/ Costillares, 13-17 : Zone majeure des festivals de la Mairie de Séville
  • – C/ Pascual Márquez, 225 – Stand Touristique

NB: Closing time of these casetas at 3:00 a.m. In these you will hear rumba and Sevillian music – Sevillanas -.

And here’s a video to get you in the mood for the Seville Fair:

The Seville Fair is a must for all those who want to discover Andalusian culture in all its splendour. From the festive atmosphere of the casetas to the intoxicating dance of the sevillanas, not forgetting the delicious gastronomy and the horse parade, the Seville Fair offers a unique and memorable experience.

If you have the chance to visit Seville in spring, don’t miss this incredible celebration, which will transport you to a world of colour, music and tradition.

Here’s a link from Seville City Council to find out more (in Spanish) about this festival, the Real de Feria and the famous Calle del Infierno.

Note : If you are in the western part of the Costa del Sol and would like an excursion to Seville, you can use the following link to book a tour from Torremolinos, Mijas or Benalmadena.

Booking accommodation in Seville

If you want to book accommodation in Seville at the best price, it’s best to do so well in advance.

Book activities in Seville

Some useful links for your trip to Andalusia

Easy and economical bookings

Here’s a link to a visit that combines the sea and a beautiful city, for anyone staying in the area for a few days: what to see in Cadiz. This is your chance to discover the oldest city in Europe, steeped in history and lined with beautiful sandy beaches.

Cadiz – La Caleta beach

Here’s another idea, this time in the province of Huelva, just 45 minutes from Seville, for visiting two incredible sites in one day: the town of Niebla, with its incredible two-kilometre circular wall,

niebla wall
Niebla and its wall

and a walk along the Rio Tinto – the red river – . This day is guaranteed to make your trip one to remember!

rio tinto red river in andalucia
on the banks of the Rio Tinto

The great ferias of Andalucia:

The Malaga 2024 Feria in August

Antequera Spring Fair in June

The Romeria Pilgrimage El Rocio in May

Patio Festival in Cordoba in May

Cadiz Carnival in February

Ronda Romantic Fair in May

The Horse Fair in Jerez,

Discover more of Andalusia’s beautiful sites in the Andalusia blog pages.

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