Drapeau de l'andalousie

Andalucia Day

February 28 in Andalucia is an important date

It celebrates the autonomy of the province of Andalucia obtained on February 28, 1980.

The 28F, as Andalucians call it, is an opportunity for all Andalucians to celebrate their attachment to their history, traditions and identity. On this day many white and green flags can be seen on the houses, children sing the Andalucian hymn in the schoolyard, and many cultural events are organized.


Représentation du blason de l'Andalousie
coat of arms of andalusia (photo credit :
Américo Toledano

Blans Infante , father of the Andalucian homeland

Blas Infante is recognized as the father of the “Andalucian homeland”, he is a famous politician and writer, born in Casares, in the Province of Malaga. He will be assassinated in 1936. Blas Infante is at the origin of the Andalucian coat of arms, flag and hymn (lyrics and music).

The flag of Andalucia

Symbolically, the green of the flag represents hope and the white peace. This green also refers to the Umayyads and white to the Almohads.

The hymn of Andalucia

Here are the lyrics written by Blas Infante

La bandera blanca y verde

vuelve, tras siglos de guerra,

a decir paz y esperanza,

bajo el sol de nuestra tierra.

¡Andaluces, levantaos!

¡Pedid tierra y libertad!

¡Sea por Andalucía libre,

España y la Humanidad!

Los andaluces queremos

volver a ser lo que fuimos

hombres de luz, que a los hombres,

alma de hombres les dimos.

¡Andaluces, levantaos!

¡Pedid tierra y libertad!

¡Sea por Andalucía libre,

España y la Humanidad!

And here is the interpretation of this hymn by one of the greatest Spanish actresses (nicknamed the taller, “la mas grande”, in a 1993 movie, “Lola se va por los puertos.” This actress is Rocio Jurado . An actress and Spanish singer who sang in Carlos Saura’s movies about the flamenco universe such as El amor brujo.

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