Almuñécar visit to the northernmost coffee plantation in the world

Visit to a coffee plantation and over thirty tropical fruits

Below you’ll find all the information you need for a wonderful visit to this coffee and tropical fruit plantation in Almuñécar.

  • Where does this guided tour take place?
  • Trees, plants and tropical fruit seen on the tour
  • The coffee plantation
  • Tour details
  • Book a tour
  • Other ideas for activities on the coast around Almuñécar

maracuya – passion fruit –

Where does this guided tour take place in Almuñécar?

The guided tour takes place at Manolo’s estate, Cortijo Chaves, a subtropical finca – a tropical fruit farm -.


The finca is surrounded by several hectares of tropical fruit plantations. It is located in the hills above La Herradura in the municipality of Almuñécar. Here’s the exact location on goole maps: the meeting point for the visit.

What you can see on your visit to Manolo’s tropical plantations:

Visiting Manolo’s plantations in Almuñécar is a real immersion in nature. It’s more like an excursion into the rainforest than a visit to a plantation as we usually see them.


During the guided tour of the plantation, you’ll discover many beautiful things:

  • the oldest mango tree on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • current permaculture practices
  • more than thirty tropical fruits, including yuzu, lychee, jackfruit and chirimoya (annona) :

chirimoya (annona)

but also the banana tree with its flower :


and its fruit, the banana :


If some are ripe, you can pick one to eat straight away.

You’ll also find macadamia nuts:


which you can taste on the spot. Its aroma may remind you of a certain ice cream made with this nut.


  • the different varieties of certain tropical fruits such as the avocado, with the advantages and disadvantages of each variety
  • exotic plants such as the argan tree, lemon grass and sugar cane
  • find out how the pitahaya (dragon fruit) is pollinated

If you’re lucky, you might spot a chameleon or birds of prey (eagle, falcon, owl) during your visit.

The most northerly coffee plantation in the world

Manolo will explain the incredible journey from the birth of a coffee bean to its consumption in a coffee cup.

NB: Manolo is passionate about this subject…. he’s a former barista 🙂

You’ll also learn how the best coffee beans are selected.

It’s truly amazing what you can learn, and with a sense of humour, on this tour.

At the end of the tour, Manolo will give you a tasting of some of the fruit and produce. You can also buy some local produce if you fancy.

Tour details

  • Duration: 1H30 to 2 hours
  • Price: €15 per person
  • Children aged 6 to 17: €5/child

Important information :

  • The route through the plantations is not complicated, but there are some fairly steep gradients. The tour is not recommended if you have any physical problems.
  • Bring a small bottle of water and sun cream
  • Smoking is not permitted during the tour.
  • Reservations are for a minimum of 2 people
  • Bring comfortable clothing and trainers or walking shoes.
  • Tour starts at 11 a.m., in Spanish or English
  • Book at least 24 hours in advance of the date you wish to visit.


How do I book this visit to the Almuñécar coffee and tropical fruit plantation?

To book, simply fill in the details below, along with your preferred date.

Manolo will contact you by email or Whatsapp. He will confirm availability for the requested day and time.

NB: if you have several dates, you can indicate them in the “Message” section.

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