The 2024 calendar of festivals and fairs in Andalucia in Malaga Province in Axarquia

Here are the posters of many typical fairs and festivals in Andalucia, specifically organized each year in Axarquia. They are therefore all within a perimeter of 50 km maximum. They are chosen because they are traditional and popular ferias. You will observe that many ferias celebrate Andalusian gastronomy. The ferias are displayed according to the current month. However, you can select another month and click on the poster of a feria to find out more.

Fairs and festivals in Andalucia in 2024

All the fiestas presented here are traditional and typical Andalucia ferias.

Festival in Andalucia in Axarquia

The festivals in Andalucia are numerous and varied. They are part of the DNA of this region and have preserved their origins and traditions. They are part of the trip to Andalucia and allow you to get to know the Andalusian people in Axarquia, East of Malaga.

The most popular fair in Andalucia is undoubtedly the Feria de Málaga in August.

Typical Andalucia festivals and ferias

Gastronomic festivals in Andalucia

Many fiestas around Malaga celebrate local gastronomy:

Wine Night in Competa, Cherry Festival in Alfarnate, Snail Day in Riogordo, Raisin Festival in El Borge, Gazpacho Festival in Alfarnatejo, Feria del ajoblanco, Chanfaina Festival in Totalan, Fiesta de las Migas in Torrox, …

Night Wine in Competa

Traditional Festivals

Each festival in Málaga is an opportunity to discover the richness of the local gastronomy as well as the beautiful villages that celebrate their traditions every year:

Discover the Feria de la Mula in Arenas or the Molienda in Riogordo (olive oil fair).

riogordo Molienda 5
Molienda de las aceitunas in Riogordo

Fair in Andalucia 2024

The fairs in Andalucia proposed on this page are all held on the Costa del Sol, next to Málaga, in Axarquia, and the 2024 posters will be published as the official communications from the municipalities for each fair are received.

Fairs and Festivals in Andalucia, a way of life

Axarquia alone, for example, has around 250 ferias, festivals, fiestas and romerias every year.

This represents about 1000 days of festivities per year.

Religious festivals

There are many religious festivities, the fabulous Holy Week in Velez Malaga being the one not to be missed.

The romerias are also a way to soak up and live to the rhythm of the local culture.

The romeria in Nerja is really beautiful as is the Romeria in Torre del Mar.

Romeria of Torre del Mar

Music festivals in Andalucia

There are also many festivals, dedicated to music.

For the verdiales, the traditional folklore of Málaga: a Festival of Verdiales in Comares is always the occasion to spend a very festive day as below:

verdiales cinta de colores

In Velez-Malaga, a very good Flamenco Festival.

The most famous festival in the province is the one in Frigiliana: Festival of the 3 cultures in Frigiliana. I think it is the most beautiful and authentic festival in Andalucia. A photo below of this festival:

Frigiliana festival 3 culturas en el barrio morisco

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