Flamenco Festival 2022 in Velez Malaga

festival flamenco velez malaga 2022 juan breva
Juan Breva Festival 2022 in Velez-Malaga

Velez-Malaga hosts the magnificent Juan Breva Flamenco Festival

This flamenco festival in Velez Malaga is an opportunity to live to the rhythm of the traditional, popular and typical festivities of the Axarquía.

This festival is famous and bears the name of the greatest flamenco singer in Malaga: Juan Breva (real name: Antonio Ortega Escalona). He was born and raised in Velez-Malaga.

This flamenco singer gave his last recital in Velez-Malaga in 1918.

He is known for the whole of his work and the extent of his repertoire, and he sang all the “palos” and “fandangos”: fandango verdial, fandango abandolao, fandanguillos, malagueñas, soleares, peteneras and guajiras.

Today, for all flamenco lovers, a visit to the Museum of Flamenco Art of the Peña Juan Breva in Malaga is a must.

He also inspired poets such as Rubén Darío and Federico García Lorca, who wrote a poem in his name.

This Juan Breva festival in Velez Malaga is an opportunity to discover some of the best current flamenco artists, whether in the “baile”, the “cante” or the “toque”.

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