Music Festival in Rincon de la Victoria 2022

Music Festival in Rincon de la Victoria in the cave of Treasure 2022

Rincon de la Victoria holds a music festival every year in February

A concert is given every Saturday night during this Music Festival in Rincon de la Victoria. This festival takes place in the Cave of the Treasure (Cueva del Tesoro).

It is exactly located in La Cala del Moral, which is part of Rincon de la Victoria. This town is close to Malaga in Axarquia – Costa del Sol.

The Treasure Cave Festival offers a variety of concerts each year with different musical styles:

  • opera,
  • gospel music,
  • flamenco music,
  • blues,
  • jazz,
  • classical music

In this link you will discover this unique cave.

There are only 3 known caves of marine origin in the world, and this is the only one in Europe.

This cave is surrounded by legends and many searches for treasure have been made without ever finding it.

It can be visited during the day and is composed of several rooms, some of which are filled with water.

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