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Alhama de Granada best things to see and do

Alhama de Granada is a small town of 5,000 inhabitants that is absolutely beautiful, steeped in history and blessed with a spectacular natural environment.

It is well worth a visit if you are travelling between Malaga and Granada.

There are many beautiful things to see and discover.

The origins of Alhama de Granada

It was the Arabs who gave it its name Alhama (from “Al hammam” which means hot spring) because of the presence of thermal springs.

However, these hot springs have been known since Roman times.

There is a river that runs through the Alhama Canyon, which is a beautiful place to hike to the hot springs. On this hike you will cross a Roman bridge from the 1st AD.

Alhama de Granada is a historical stronghold of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada. This is why, during the reconquest of the kingdom of Granada, it was a city that was taken back as a priority in 1482 to cut the Malaga-Granada road. Malaga was reconquered in 1487 and Granada in 1492.

Alhama de Granada, what to see?

Around the city there is of course the impressive Alhama Canyon, which can be seen from the city.

There are the Arab baths from the Almohad period which are sublime. To see them, you have to enter the Spa and the visit is only possible on Mondays from 2 to 4 pm.

Before entering the Spa, you can enjoy a natural pool with water that gushes out at 42 degrees before joining the river. To bathe here, it is best to come during the week to be more relaxed.

thermes d'alhama de granada

In Alhama de Granada there are some monuments worth visiting:

here is the Posito (former granary of the city) which was before: the old synagogue from the time of Al-Andalus (13th century).

There is the castle next to the town hall, recognisable by its red wall. This castle was built on the former Arab Alcazaba. Today it is privately owned.

chateau d'alhama de granada

The Queen’s Hospital: this was the first hospital built in the province of Granada by the Catholic Kings after the Reconquest.

porte hopital de la reine à alhama de granada

The House of the Inquisition: despite its name, this house only dates back to the last century but is a reminder of this terrible period. There is no evidence today that this is the former location of the Inquisition Court.

maison de l'inquisition à alhama de granada

The Wamba Fountain

There are about thirty fountains in the municipality of Alhama. But the Wamba Fountain, built in 1533, is the first public fountain in the town.

What is interesting is that Wamba was king of Hispania and Septimania. He was one of the last kings of Visigothic Hispania before the conquest of Spain by the Umayyads..

We can hear, in the surroundings, about Wamba in Axarquia, in the white village of Sedella

The Church and Convent of Carmen

This church in the central square is beautiful, both inside and out.

Right next to it is a fountain (Pila de la Carrera) which was mainly used as a watering place for animals.

eglise del carmen alhama de granada avec des orangers

Church of Ntra. Sra. de las Angustias

This baroque style church is now in ruins.

It was burnt down during the civil war. Then, in the 1960s, following heavy snowfalls, the roof collapsed completely. A rehabilitation project is underway.

église de las angustias à alhama

Iglesia Mayor de Ntra. Sra. Santa María de la Encarnación

On the site of this church, which dominates the city, a mosque was once built. This mosque, curiously, was used from 1482 until the beginning of the 16th century for Catholic worship.

The church was then rebuilt on top of the mosque to best suit the needs of Christian liturgies.

It is really impressive to see.

Ermita de los Remedios

This “Ermita” is at the exit of the city towards the Arab baths. I found its front very beautiful with its 2 arches and its cultural mix.

alhama granada ermite de los remedios

The Mazmorras

At the bottom of the village near the cliff of the Alhama gorge, there are mazmorras (“dungeons”). In the time of the Nasrid kingdom, they were used to store and protect the crops. They were later used as prisons or as shelters for the poor.

mazmorras à alhama pour entrposer les récoltes

Here are some other pics taken in the streets of Alhama

The geographical situation of Alhama de Granada

Málaga is 80 km away, Grenade 53 km and Zafarraya à 22 km

Great sports activities around Alhama de Granada

The El Robledal – La Maroma hike
This hike takes you, by the north face, to the top of La Maroma, the peak of Tejeda, which dominates the whole province of Málaga, at an altitude of 2065 metres. The view of the surrounding sierras and the sea is magnificent. From the Maroma you can see Morocco and the Rif mountain range!

The via Ferrata of Zafarraya
Here is the link to the superb via ferrata of Zafarraya

Canyoning in the Rio Verde
Here is the link to this activity: canyoning in the rio Verde

Astrotourism evening in one of the best Andalusian site

Here is the link to the experience : astrotourism in Andalucia

Find accommodation for a weekend in the town or in the spa

If you want to try curious hotel in Alhama de Granada

Here is a place that will also be a great experience!

It is the rural hotel El Ventorro, which has 23 rooms, 8 of which are cave rooms. It also offers Arabic baths with hammam.

hotel el ventorro alhama de granada with hammam and Arab baths and cave rooms

To find out more about this hotel: Hotel rural El Ventorro

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