street art malaga en el barrio de lagunillas

Street art in Malaga : discovering Lagunillas district

Street art in Malaga, in the Lagunillas district

This area of Malaga, Lagunillas, has become famous for its street art. It has this name because originally there were lagoons in this area.

Victoria Kent, a famous lawyer, and Francisco Palma Burgos, a painter and sculptor, came from this neighbourhood.

Street art in this neighbourhood was born with the inhabitants who were unhappy that their neighbourhood had been abandoned by the municipality. In this way, they have made their neighbourhood known in the best possible way.

Today it is known for its street art. Many international artists have come to create frescoes or graffiti.

Niña durmiente – CoF

Street art in Malaga is very present today

We can distinguish 3 places with street art, There are :

  • Lagunillas district
  • the Soho district (where Antonio Banderas’ theatre is located)
  • the banks of the Guadalmina River

For the latter two, however, many of the frescoes were financed by the town hall itself.

For the amateurs, here are the most famous artists who have signed graffiti or frescoes in Malaga.

Bogart, Tenis, Doger, Lalone, Makiniko, TV Boy, Le Petit Kaiser, Remed, Okusa San Miguel. But also : Andi Rivas, Obey, Wasabi, Sunico, Belin, Bohemio, CoF

Where to find the Lagunillas district?

Strangely enough, the Lagunillas district is only a stone’s throw from the city centre. You have to go to Plaza de la Merced. Then go in front of the house where Picasso was born and take the street on the left.

Ironically, the inhabitants of the area are now under pressure from property developers…..The inhabitants’ response can be found in the latest graffiti:

Malaga no se vende – Bohemio –

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