cadiz carnival 2024 official poster

Cadiz Carnival 2024 recognised as of International Tourist Interest

Cadiz Carnival 2024 – find out the dates

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to take part in the Cadiz Carnival 2024:

  • A few words about Cadiz
  • The 2024 carnival dates
  • The Carnival programme
  • Booking accommodation
  • Activities in Cadiz
  • Some useful links (car, ideas for visits…)
  • Great ferias of Andalusia

A few words about Cadiz

Cadiz is known as the oldest city in Europe. It was founded more than 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians. Coming to Cadiz during Carnival is also an opportunity to visit a beautiful city.

cadix cadiz cathedrale catedral cathedral cattedrale
View of Cadiz and the Cathedral

During Carnival, the beaches of Cadiz are also the ideal place to relax and admire the magnificent sunsets.

Cadiz – La Caleta beach –

Cadiz Carnival dates 2024

Here are the dates of the carnival: 8 to 18 February 2024

cadiz carnival 2024 official poster
Cadiz Carnival – 2023 poster

The origins of Cadiz Carnival

Like many other carnivals, this Carnival, recognised as being of International Tourist Interest, has very ancient origins.

Its oldest origins are Roman (the Bacchanalia, festivals in honour of Bacchus) and Greek (the Saturnalia, festivals in honour of the god Saturn). However, specialists agree that the carnival originated in Christianity. It was used to counterbalance difficult periods such as Lent.

It also has Italian influences, with the arrival of the Genoese in Cadiz in the 15th century. The masks and the throwing of confetti (sweets) have been likened to the Italian carnival, as has the importance of dancing during these festive days. The oldest official record of Cadiz Carnival dates back to 1632.

There are four types of carnival troupes: Coros, Comparsas, Chirigotas and Cuartetos, with some distinctions between them. These are all carnival troupes, and they compete against each other in a competition held at the Gran Falla Theatre in the city centre. They each have their own costume – tipos – and their own song made up of social satire, political criticism and jokes. The theme of the songs is the news of the past year.

Note: the songs are sung in their local version, so it’s even difficult for Spaniards and even Andalusians to understand everything 🙂 .

The carnival programme

During these 11 days of festivities you can enjoy many festivities and the incredible humour of the gaditanos – inhabitants of Cadiz – such as during :

  • cabalgatas, street parades
  • COAC: the official competition for Cadiz carnival groups, held at the Gran Teatro Falla.

On the culinary front, there are a number of events where you can discover local gastronomy in squares around the city centre:

  • Pestiñada: pestinos (pastries) are offered by a local Peña (association)
  • Erizada: teddy bears donated by a local Peña
  • Ostionada: oysters donated by another Peña

In this following video, the comparsas of the 2023 competition are presented:

Book accommodation in Cadiz

To book accommodation in the centre of Cádiz at the best price, it’s advisable to book well in advance.

Book activities in Cadiz

Some useful links for coming to and staying in Cádiz for a few days

Easy and economical bookings

In the province of Cadiz, there are many villages, beaches and towns worth visiting. Among them, the town of Tarifa is well worth a visit for its history and atmosphere.


The great ferias of Andalucia:

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