Archez Fiesta of San Anton 2022

Archez organizes the Fiesta of San Anton every year at the beginning of February

San Anton, is a saint celebrated in many villages in Andalucia. San Anthony the Great, real name Antonio Abad, born in Egypt, is recognized, by his actions and his love for nature throughout his life, as the patron saint of animals.

During these celebrations it is not uncommon to see animals be blessed (dog, cat, donkey, horses, etc.)

This is one of the most characteristic fiestas in Archez

During this day, there is a romeria (small pilgrimage) that passes through the village of Archez, with San Anton.

From 2 p.m. onwards, a paella is served to all the villagers and visitors. It is accompanied, as usual, by the famous “vino del terreno”.

During the Archez’s Fiesta of San Anton, there are musical performances, with a verbena (open-air dance) for all ages. It takes place on the banks of the river Turvilla, where there is no shortage of fun.

San Antón is a saint who has many followers in La Axarquía, as he is the protector of animals, especially the beasts that help man in his work in the fields. In his honour, during the month of January, Axarquia is full of colour and festivities, with numerous pilgrimages in which equestrian traditions (such as the carreras de cintas a caballo) stand out, which find their best opportunity to show themselves.

It is also an opportunity to live to the rhythm of the traditional, popular, and typical festivities of Axarquia – Costa del Sol .

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