Organic fruit in Andalucia from producer to consumer

Order organic fruit produced in Andalucia

cosecha mangos axarquia

Here is another way to travel: enjoy organic fruit from Andalucia. It is an opportunity to enjoy the climate, the sun and the Andalucia soil with these fruits a little in advance.

It is also an opportunity to taste the sun-drenched fruit from Andalucia during the winter months and to remember the flavours of Andalucia!

Selection of producers

The young company Olefruit has selected 3 Andalucia farmers for the quality of their organically grown fruit. It proposes to send the fruit of these producers to Europe as the sole intermediary. This allows us to offer a fair price for these fruits and to pay the farmers well.

I invite you to discover the Olefruit website, which presents the fruits, the farmers and the prices.

Enter the code “andaluciamia” on the Olefruit website to receive a 5% discount. Click on the logo to discover the online ordering site:


Fruits tropicaux en Andalousie : avocats

Places of growing in Andalucia of these organic fruits

For tropical fruits: mangoes and avocados

They are produced in the province of Malaga, in Axarquia.

This small region benefits from a micro climate, of subtropical type.

Here are 3 elements that illustrate the quality of this climate:

The village of Torrox which has the reputation of having the best climate in Europe!

La Axarquia is the only place in continental Europe where chameleons live freely.

cameleon en andalousie en Espagne
Chameleon next to an avocado tree

Finally, Velez-Malaga, which is the capital of Axarquia, is also the capital of tropical fruit in Andalucia and Europe!

The fruit comes from the fruit trees of Miguel in Benamargosa and Jesús in Velez-Malaga.

For citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, grapefruits)

The citrus fruits come from the fields of the brothers Juan and César, located in Palma del Río, in the province of Córdoba.

They are almost the only ones to grow the “Cadenera” orange variety, which is a very local variety.

naranjos-ecologicos provincia cordoba
Naranjos ecologicos, Palma del Río, Córdoba

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