Andalusian bandit museum in El Borge

Curious museum

Maison du bandit El bizco en andalousie
Famous El bizco bandit house

Discover the Andalusian bandit museum in El Borge

The village of El Borge offers a rather unusual museum, The Andalusian bandit museum. It is about banditry history in Andalusia. This museum is inside the house of one of the greatest Andalusian bandits of the 19th century, El Bizco de El Borge (in Spanish)

The building also hosts a hotel and a restaurant (very good!)

The collection of the banditry museum of Ronda

In 2020, El Borge acquired the private collection of the banditry museum of Ronda (museo del bandolero). This banditry museum in Axarquia will be one of the largest on this subject. The El Borge museum has become the only Andalusian banditry museum in the province of Malaga.

In the spring of 2022, the collection of 1,300 pieces from the former museum in Ronda should be on public display in the village. It consists of historical archives, weapons and objects that belonged to both Andalusian bandits and the Guardia Civil.

The aim is for the Andalusian Bandit Museum to become an international reference point on banditry !

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