Nature day trips in Andalucia and wildlife tours

Arenas from the fortress bentomiz

Nature excursions in Andalucia through hikes and ecotourism tours

Here is a selection of Nature Day Trips in Andalucia
These excursions are dedicated to the observation of the fauna and flora in Andalucia. They will allow you to observe the wildlife through hikes.

The guide who organises them also offers trips and tours of several days, tailor-made for enthusiasts.
Almost all of them are carried out in the protected natural parks of Andalucia, mainly in the province of Malaga and the province of Cadiz.
Here are the 7 proposed day trips and ecotourism tours.

You will then find the meeting point and booking information.
At the bottom of the page you will find a map with the geolocation of the different sites to discover.

The Hozgaranta River in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales

This is an 11km excursion in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales in a natural forest with a wild river.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Jimena de la Frontera

The departure is from the village of Jimena de la Frontera. This excursion will allow us to discover and observe the forest ecosystems and the Hozgaranta river.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Jimena de la Frontera

It will also be an opportunity to get to know the interpretation of the landscapes and the species of fauna and flora observed along the way.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Jimena de la Frontera

You will also discover a rare fern in Europe.

Nature day trip in Andalucia to Ronda, its Tajo and its garrigues

This excursion is dedicated to the visit of the romantic Ronda and the fauna and flora of the Serrania de Ronda.

ronda tour from nerja : view on the village

Ronda Tour from Nerja : the Puente nuevo

We will find ourselves next to the river that carved out this canyon and thus created the cliff where Ronda is located. We will take advantage of this natural phenomenon to learn a little about geology.

Nature day trip in Ronda

Afterwards, we will discover the Mediterranean flora and the Andalusian cultures.

Nature day trip in Ronda

We will finish the excursion in the Alameda del Tajo park, where there has been a botanical garden since the early 1800s!

The Genal walkways in the Serrania de Ronda

This is a 12km excursion into the Genal Valley. In this thick forest surrounded by mountains we will observe the biodiversity through the trees and shrubs and the river bank.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Genal Forest

We will have a lunch break at the Venta de San Juan. Afterwards, we will continue the excursion by taking the famous and popular metal walkways of the Genal.

The Genal walkways in the Serrania de Ronda

We will cross the meadow of La Escribana before climbing to the village of Benarraba through a path in a cork oak forest.

Genal forest in Andalucia

During the walk, we will also have the opportunity to observe various butterflies!

 A forest bath and the white village of Benarraba

This excursion is one of the best Nature day trips in Andalucia, which is a wonderful eco-experience, consists of 2 parts:

We will start with a 4 km hike in the forest, in a cork oak forest. This forest is opposite the pine forest of the Sierra Bermeja.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Genal Forest

This will be a real immersion in nature as we will explore it through the 5 senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing). We will discover the biodiversity of the Mediterranean forest. This is a unique day that everyone will enjoy!

In the afternoon, we will discover the village of Benarraba (its architecture and popular customs) and its nature interpretation centre.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Benaraba village

We will finish the day at the Genal viewpoint, which is the most beautiful observation point in the valley.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Genal Forest

We will be able to see :

  • The Sierra de Las Nieves

  • The Sierra de Grazamela
  • The mountains of the Serranía de Ronda,
  • The African coast
  • and griffon vultures soaring in the sky.

Mediterranean ecosystems in the hinterland of the Costa del Sol

This is a “One-day Ecotourism Tour in Andalucia”. It includes a circuit of about 100 km, starting from Estepona

It will allow you to discover the Mediterranean ecosystems and the most authentic Andalusia through several magnificent sites:

  • the Reales de Sierra Bermeja and the pinsapar (a magnificent natural area)

  • the Almarchal river
  • the white village of Genalguacil
  • the Río Genal at the Venta de San Juan
  • the Mirador de la África
  • the forest of the Genal Valley

  • Nature day trips in Andalucia : Bermeja SierraNature day trips in Andalucia : Bermeja SierraNature day trips in Andalucia : Sierra Crestellina


The Route of the White Villages of Cadiz: Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra, Grazalema

We will cross these 3 famous villages in an original way. We will see these 3 villages through the interpretation of the natural environment and the traditional way of life.

A word about these villages in Cadiz Province :

SETENIL DE LAS BODEGAS is recognizable by its famous troglodyte houses located in a canyon. We will observe several species of urban birds nesting in this village.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Setenil de las Bodegas

ZAHARA DE LA SIERRA. This is an old fortress town from the Al-Andalus period. It is located on a prominent promontory, with the famous castle tower. This tower offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area. We cross a scrubland rich in plant species and with many different butterflies.

Nature day trips in Andalucia : Zahara de la Sierra

GRAZALEMA. It is the main village of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Its streets are very pleasant to walk around. It also offers a magnificent natural balcony for bird watching, including the majestic Griffon vultures.

Nature day trips in Andalucia and wildlife tours

A great nature day trip in Andalucia : rivers of the Costa del Sol

This nature trip in Andalusia will allow us to observe the best of the aquatic and terrestrial environments. Moreover, everything will be done through preserved natural environments.

We will go to the Sierra de Las Nieves National Park.

A river in Costa del Sol

We will observe the rivers :

  • Guadalmansa,

  • Guadalmina
  • and Rio Verde

A river in Costa del Sol

They have an exceptional natural heritage to discover, especially dragonflies and fish. However, we will also observe water birds, freshwater turtles and, if we are lucky, the otter.

.Dragonfly close to a river in Costa del Sol

dragonfly example of fauna in Malaga

We will take the opportunity to interpret the surrounding terrestrial ecosystems, made up of scrubland and forests full of aromatic plants and pollinating insects.

Other Nature day trips in Andalucia

  • The Guadalhorce estuary, the most important wetland in the province of Malaga. It is a privileged site for studying the birdlife on the Costa del Sol.

  • The Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the best spots in the world to observe the migration of gliding birds (raptors and storks). It is also a place to observe marine migrations: pelagic birds (gannets) and cetaceans (sperm whales and rorquals)

  • The Fuente de Piedra Lagoon, a nature reserve. It is the largest lagoon in Andalusia and is home to the largest colony of greater flamingos in the Mediterranean (up to 35,000 adults in some years)! This lagoon is also home to many other species. It could be one of the best Nature day trips in Andalucia.

Information or booking one of Nature day trips in Andalucia

The price of these private excursions: decreasing according to the number of people (count around 80 euros if you are alone and around 25 euros/p if you are between 5 and 8 people)
Bring a picnic and a bottle of water (NB: lunch in a venta is included for the excursion “a forest bath and the white village of Benarraba”.
Meeting point: Benarrabá or Gaucín (possibility of asking for a quote to pick you up if you don’t have a car, within a radius of about 50km)

The price includes :

  • guided hike or ecotourism tour (half day: 4 to 5 hours)

  • nature interpreter guide.
  • Professional scientific equipment to observe nature
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Accident insurance

NB: Ecotourism tours can also be done on a daily basis and last 8 hours

For more precise information, here is a short form to fill in.

You’ll be contacted by whatsapp or by mail.

Location of all Nature Day Trips in Andalucia

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