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Osuna what to see in this wonderful little town

Essential things to see in Osuna

In this article you’ll find information on everything you need to see in Osuna:

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Osuna – Santo Domingo and Victoria churches

A few words about Osuna

Osuna is a beautiful town, rich in history, in the province of Seville. Since 2015, and the filming of several scenes from the Games of Throne series, Osuna has enjoyed growing success as a tourist destination.

And just recently, in 2023, UNESCO declared that the most beautiful street in Europe was to be found in Osuna. Having walked it, I have to agree!

Osuna – San Carlos church

The origin of the name Osuna

  • The first name for this site was Urso, more than 3,000 years ago.
  • Then, after a victorious battle with Julius Caesar in 44-43 BC, Mark Antony founded a colony of veteran Roman soldiers called Colonia Iulia Genetiva. The first written records of this “new” Roman town are preserved in Madrid’s National Archaeological Museum.

Sundial on a house in Osuna

During the Roman period, the name changed slightly to Colonia Genetiva Urbanorum Urso, as recorded in a document by Pliny the Elder.

During the period of Muslim domination, the name of the town was Arabicised, changing from Urso to Oxona. Then, after the conquest by the Catholic kings in 1239, the name was Spanishised to become Osuna.

Finally, there is a legend that says that the first name Urso comes from the fact that there were bears in the area at the time. The legend is even present in the coat of arms of the town of Osuna:

the Osuna coat of arms in sculpture

Where is Osuna on the map?

Osuna is an inland town in Andalucia, set in magnificent natural surroundings.

What to see in Osuna?

  1. The Colegiata de Santa María de la Asunción church
  2. Osuna University
  3. Encarnación Monastery
  4. El Coto de las Canteras
  5. The Roman necropolis
  6. Tower and Church of La Merced
  7. The former Cabildo de la Catedral de Sevilla
  8. The Palace of Govantes y Herdara
  9. The Church of Concepción
  10. Arco de la Pastora
  11. The Plaza Mayor
  12. The old granary
  13. The most beautiful street in Europe according to UNESCO
  14. The Osuna bullring
  15. Municipal Museum and Games of Throne Room
  16. Palacio Marques de la Gomera

A visit to Osuna offers visitors a wonderful day out. In fact, this medium-sized town has a number of treasures to offer.

View of a district of Osuna

Colegiata de Santa María de la Asunción a must-see in Osuna

The Colegiata de Santa María de la Asunción church is Osuna’s largest religious temple. It was built between 1531 and 1535 and declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1931.

If there’s one monument to visit in Osuna, this is it. And while the exterior may appear rather austere, the interior is truly richly decorated.

This large religious temple at the top of a hill, right next to the university, offers a beautiful view of Osuna and its surroundings.

Inside, you will discover elements of incredible beauty, reflecting the wealth of the nobles of the time in this ducal town, including :

  • the Ducal Pantheon, a tomb dating from 1545
  • the sacristy, which houses distinctive works by José de Ribera
  • the beautiful altarpiece
  • the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre
  • the Chapel of the Merciful Christ.
  • a patio with incredible decoration and ornamentation.

The University of Osuna a little wonder to see in Osuna

There are places that make you want to go back to school…. The former University of Osuna is a perfect example. This building is now home to the University of Osuna.

The University of Osuna was built in the 16th century. It opened its doors to students in 1548. It taught theology, science and medicine.

The courtyard…..enfinally the patio is also of infinite beauty. A stroll through the courtyard reveals a number of paintings on the university walls.

Monasterio de la Encarnación

The Monasterio de la Encarnación is located right next to the Colegiata and the University. This building, one of the most important in Osuna, has a rich history. The monastery was established in 1549 as a hospital, and then became a Jesuit college in the early 17th century. In 1626, under the patronage of the Duchess of Osuna, it was converted into a monastery for mercedary monks.

Note, because it’s a curious story: the mercedary monks were part of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy. This is a mendicant order of pontifical right. However, it was originally a military order founded to redeem enslaved Christians held captive by Moorish pirates.

Today, the monastery is also home to the Osuna Museum of Religious Art. This museum houses a collection of sacred art of great historical and cultural importance.

One last thing you should know: tours are conducted by the convent’s nuns.

El Coto de las Canteras, the Petra of Andalucia

Here’s a rather curious site, El Coto de las Canteras, which has been dubbed the Petra of Andalucia.

osuna must see coto de las canteras

This site is an ancient quarry, over 2,500 years old. It was quarried by the first Iberian peoples in the 5th century BC.

Note: the engravings on the façades date from a recent period.

You can visit this site, which appears to be part of a film. It is currently the largest natural auditorium in Spain, with a capacity of 800 people. The Coto de las Canteras also houses a museum. Ceremonies are also held here every year.

The Roman necropolis

This is a truly incredible site. It is a necropolis of Roman origin. Very little remains from this early Christian period.

The necropolis was later used by the Visigoths.

This necropolis is located among several caves, one next to the other. To get there, follow a dirt track for about 1 or 2 km, behind el Coto de las Canteras. At the side of the path, you’ll find a tiny sign pointing the way.

A little-known site, well worth discovering!

La Merced Tower and Church

The Church and Tower of La Merced are located in the neighbouring square of the same name. This is a former mercenary convent in the Baroque style. The tower, built between 1767 and 1775, was designed by Alonso Ruiz de Florindo.

You must stop for a moment to admire it. It is truly magnificent, and its architecture stands out from all the other monuments in the city.

La Merced Tower

Today, this church has been desecrated and houses the School of Economics!

Visit Osuna’s historic centre

Osuna’s historic centre is a little gem, with streets of outstanding beauty.

To see in the centre of Osuna:

  • the old Cabildo de la Catedral de Sevilla. It’s a beautiful building with the Giralda carved into its façade, on Calle San Pedro.
  • the Palacio de Govantes y Herdara, in Calle Sevilla
  • La Concepción church
  • Arco de la Pastora, built in 1794, during the reign of Carlos IV.

La Pastora arch

  • the Convent of Santa Catalina (with a blood-coloured Mannerist door),
  • the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen
  • the church of Santo Domingo, with the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción next door
  • the Plaza Mayor, one of Osuna’s most important squares, home to the Town Hall and the Church of La Concepción.
  • the old posito – the town’s granary – below:

the posito, now a retirement home!

San Pedro street a splendor to see in Osuna

Calle San Pedro in Osuna is one of the most precious streets in the world. It is said to be the street with the highest concentration of Baroque palaces and buildings in the world.

Osuna – San Pedro street

UNESCO has declared Calle San Pedro in Osuna the most beautiful street in Europe. Unesco has dubbed it “a walk through the 18th century” .

One of the palaces on Calle San Pedro is magnificent:

More about it below 🙂 .

See the Osuna bullring

The Osuna bullring, built in 1904, is an absolute beauty.

The bullring has become a very popular place to visit since a scene from episode 9 – the Dance of the Dragons – from the fifth season of Game of Thrones was filmed there. This scene is the battle of the soldiers of Meeren.

Municipal Museum and the Fuego y Hielo room

Due to the success of its visitor numbers, the town has dedicated a room in its municipal museum to the TV series Games of Throne. In the Fuego y Hielo (Fire and Ice) room, you can see a number of objects from the series left over from the production, as well as photographs of the series.

Entrance fee: €3. The museum is housed in the Palacio de los Hermanos Arjona y Cubas.

Things to see and do in the Osuna area

Osuna is 85km from Seville, but is also fairly centrally located in Andalucia. Here are three towns to visit from Osuna, in three different provinces.

Zahara de la Sierra, province of Cadiz

This is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, included in the list of ‘Pueblos más bonitos de España‘.


You’ll find plenty to see in Zahara. You should allow a few hours to enjoy the beauty of the village and the superb views of the surrounding area.

Lucena, the Sephardic gem, province of Córdoba

With its incredible history, the town of Lucena is a must-see.

lucena placa de la plaza del coso
Lucena, Plaza del Cozo

Lucena is a must-see if you want to understand its well-deserved nickname of the Sephardic Pearl!

Antequera, province of Málaga

Antequera, at the crossroads of Andalucia, is a magnificent town. Several of its sites are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

visiter antequera alcazaba et pena de los enamorados
Antequera, Alcazaba and Peña de los Enamorados

A visit to Antequera will also leave you with some wonderful memories.

Book an activity in Osuna in the province of Seville

Below you’ll find the activities and visits on offer in Seville and throughout the province.

You can also book them online today (with free cancellation):

Book accommodation in Osuna

In Osuna, you can book a room in a palace. This is the Palacio Marques de la Gomera hotel.

façade of the palace-hotel entrance

To see more photos of the hotel and/or book: Hotel Palacio Marques de la Gomera. One last piece of information about this hotel, it is located in Calle San Pedro, declared the most beautiful street in Europe by Unesco 🙂 .

Below you will find all hotels and accommodation available in Osuna, after selecting your dates:


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