Night hike and astrotourism in Andalusia

Triana organizes each year, at the beginning of August, a night hike called the Star Route 

This evening is a real experience.

The hike begins at 8:30 p.m. and ended at 2 am .

During this hike, we cross fields of mango trees and enjoy the sunset.

Night hike in Andalusia and astrotourism

The hike continues at nightfall then we stop at the foot of the Atalaya tower to observe our galaxy.

The spectacle of shooting stars (the Perseids), very numerous at this time, is magnificent .

If you are interested in astrotourism,  here is a link for you, to discover this activity all year round, about 60km from here: astrotourism at one of the best sites in Andalusia.

I take this opportunity to greet the organizer Francisco Javier Medina, a fan of his village and his land Axarquia , and a great organizer!

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