Travel insurance 2024, Andalucia and even the rest of the world

Find the right travel insurance (long trip, expatriation, studies, holiday rental, group,…)

Nerja plage playa Cala del pino
Beach in Nerja – Andalucia

Chapka assurances is my partner of choice: clear explanations on guarantees (assistance, medical expenses, repatriation) and cover for all types of travel, and a top customer service!

In this page you will find links to the two most common types of insurance, and to specific insurance contracts (studies, expatriation,…):

  • cancellation insurance
  • travel insurance for long trip more than 3 months
  • specific insurance

1 – Holiday cancellation insurance: Cap Cancellation

The Cap Cancellation contract, to cover yourself in case of cancellation of a trip, find all the information here: Cap Cancellation (coverage, guarantees, and rates).

2 – Travel insurance for long trip more than 3 months : Cap Adventure

Taking out specific insurance is essential for this type of trip.

Indeed, the insurance and assistance included in the car or credit card contracts cover you for the first 90 days.

Many of you now spend 3 to 6 months in Andalucia (or elsewhere) each year.

The Cap Adventure contract, to cover yourself in case of a trip longer than 90 days or a world tour. Find all the information here : Cap Adventure (coverage, guarantees, and rates).

3 – All specific insurance contracts for a trip abroad

Click on the link below and select “Our insurances”.

Here is the link to discover: all Chapka insurance contracts

Other links to help you prepare for your trip to Andalucia :

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