Travel insurance to Spain in 2022

Chapka insurance is my partner of choice: clear explanations on guarantees and cover for travel

In the event of a trip lasting more than 90 days

Taking out specific insurance is essential. In fact, the insurance and assistance included with “car” or “credit card” contracts covers you for the first 90 days.

Many of you now come to spend 3 to 6 months in Andalucia each year. If needed, here is an insurance product for you, and you will find clear explanations for COVID-related coverage :

The Cap Aventure insurance contract for stays of more than 90 days in Andalusia (cover, guarantees, and prices)

In case of obligation to cancel the trip

I have also chosen to present the “Cap cancellation” contract to you, because it can sometimes prove to be very useful and above all allow you to preserve your travel capital in the event of cancellation and therefore postponement.

It also clearly presents what it covers in the context of COVID .

I appreciated the clarity to read the guarantees and terms of travel cancellation coverage.

The Cap Cancellation contract, to cover yourself in the event of cancellation of a trip (cover, guarantees, and prices).

Here are other contracts for specific situations of stay abroad (students, expats, etc.)

Chapka insurance presents all of its products in a clear manner.

To find out about Chapka insurance contracts according to specific situations

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