Puri mosaicist in Frigiliana


Women’s voices with Puri, mosaicist in Frigiliana

It takes women like Puri to keep these age-old arts alive.

Mosaics have been recognised as an art form in their own right since ancient times, from the Mayans to the Romans and the Phoenicians.

That’s why Puri has been practising it for many years in the famous white village of Frigiliana, Axarquia: street names, shops, the logo for the Frigiliana 3 Cultures Festival – all illustrations of her work.

A few words about Puri Rodriguez Fernandez

Curious and passionate, she is constantly learning, thanks in particular to what she calls “mosaic tourism”.

Here she lets you discover the magic of assembling her little pieces of mineral into a beautiful image.

In fact, Puri brings dreams to life.

The interview :

Find Puri Rodriguez Fernandez on: Puri’s personal Facebook page.

You can also find her on the Facebook page of her mosaic workshop in Frigiliana.

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