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Women’s voices with Marta Fuentes

Some words presentation on Marta :

Fuentes, Marta’s name means “to be at the origin of things”, and this is certainly the case with this committed lawyer who is very much of her time.

First and foremost, she is a woman who is deeply concerned by the problems specific to women, and who advises deep reflection before taking action to change things.

In her career Marta, supported by a father who believes very strongly in her, began by studying criminal law with a specialisation in family law, then, over the course of her career she has defended cases related to violence of various forms.

The interview :

It was her determination, tenacity and vision of justice that led her to defend a case that made headlines in 2023.

I am referring here to the case of Ivana Moral, who after 25 years of married and family life decided – on Marta’s advice – to ask her ex-husband for financial compensation for so many years of domestic and family work that had never been recognised or remunerated.

The judgment obtained in her favour – ex-husband ordered to pay €204,000 to his ex-wife – brought to light a number of crucial advances for women’s rights and will set the precedent for almost similar cases.

What is unique and unprecedented here is the quantification of the value of domestic and family work, a choice imposed here to the detriment of a professional life that Ivana Moral would have liked.

For Marta, the most important thing beyond this judgement is that the value of domestic and family work is recognised, including financially. Finally!

I told you that shaking things up and thinking differently about justice is the path Marta has chosen to ensure that her rights are respected and that the consequences and damage caused by gender violence are finally taken into account.

Contact :

The link to its website

Her professionnal address :

  • Calle del Mar,24 – 2.B – (above the pharmacy)
  • 29740 Torre del Mar

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